Ngariam Education Fund 2024

Uganda Ogoloi Graduation

The Ngariam CarePoint in Uganda receives regular sponsorship funds that are also used to cover education fees for primary school students, but additional financial assistance is needed to support youth in receiving education beyond primary school. High school and tertiary education in the country is very expensive and fees are not regulated well by the Ugandan government. As children progress in their education journey, the cost rises, and the CarePoint continues to grapple with inadequate resources to support the education in the community. Although tuition is the largest education expense for a student, families typically cost share and cover the costs of all other school supplies and student needs.

The main objective of this project is to provide basic education to all the youth under the CarePoint sponsorship program. This year, there are approximately 79 students being supported. To ensure the funds are being used responsibly, the Ngariam CarePoint staff will visit schools regularly to provide guidance.

The expected outcomes of the project include an increased completion rate for school-going youth and children, an increased number of students joining tertiary institutions, and youth empowered to improve their livelihoods.