Wera CarePoint
Graduation and Start-up Tools

Startup Tools

Twenty one children are due for graduation in 2023, in various fields.This project aims to provide start-up tools to 21 trainees who have completed various training fields. The CarePoint shall handle the procurement of the required assorted tools for each course and conduct a ceremony to deliver them to the graduates. The graduates will need to be provided with start-up tools to help them initiate small-scale enterprises as they grow into independent adults. There will be lunch for the attendees and invited delegates to celebrate achievements. 

  • 9 in Fashion and Design
  • 2 in Hair Dressing
  • 2 in Catering and Hotel Management
  • 2 Carpentry and Joinery
  • 3 Motor Mechanics
  • 1 Diploma Wildlife and Tourism
  • 1 Bachelors of Education
  • 1 Bachelor of Business Administration