Worldwide Leadership Programs


Join our campaign to support Leadership Development Programs in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, and Russia. HopeChest’s Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) offer young adults the opportunity to grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally while their home communities also experience positive transformation. These programs seek to equip youth as emerging leaders with skills that promote sustainable community transformation, stewardship, and active community leadership. LDPs are designed and facilitated by in-country indigenous staff to serve and train young people (ages 15-30) and community leaders from across areas where HopeChest works. Local staff identifies individuals who demonstrate community leadership and have the desire to serve others and create vibrant communities. The objective is to provide young people with residential leadership training, facilitated 100% by local leaders, to empower them to bring positive change to their own communities.

LDPs teach and develop transformational leadership, as well as social and business entrepreneurship. The training is designed to particularly address the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that empower individuals to effectively deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. These programs develop entrepreneurship among participants in their communities, which equips youth as emerging leaders with skills that promote community transformation, stewardship, and leadership.

This campaign includes Volunteer and Travel Opportunities. Participants who want to travel and interact with LDP students will be encouraged to travel with one of our U.S. Leadership Team Members on a visit and will have the opportunity to meet some of our students either in session or after graduation and hear their stories. HopeChest encourages our partners to visit our students, hear their stories, and encourage them in their leadership development and growth.