Children’s HopeChest partners with churches to provide consistent, meaningful support to vulnerable children and their communities. We select church partners carefully to ensure that both the community partner and the church are enriched.

Why do we partner with churches?

We believe resource void of relationship is transactional and creates dependency, but true transformation happens in relationship. Relationship is the currency of the Kingdom and healthy relationships go two-ways. HopeChest forms long-term Community-to-Community partnerships that are a catalyst to engage, transform, and disciple your congregation and a specific global community with a high rate of orphaned and vulnerable children. Churches provide that relationship, along with the stability, encouragement, support and guidance that are key to creating sustainable change, renewing hope, and moving vulnerable children from a point of crisis to long-term health.

At the heart of our model is relationship between two communities. When a church becomes a HopeChest Partner with a CarePoint, they are not simply one-time donors, but building a long-term relationship. Because of this, we only partner with churches that are already ready to make this kind of commitment.

Four things that make a great church partner:

  1. A desire to pair passion for helping others with a plan of action
  2. A desire to focus on a long-term global partnership, and to expand mission opportunities for the congregation
  3. A large children’s and family ministry
  4. A lead pastor who is committed to and engaged with global missions, and willing to go on Vision and mission trips

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Why Should Your Church Partner with Children’s HopeChest?

Our model is based on two-way relationships. So how will your church be impacted by your partnership? Every person in your community can experience:

  • Increased global-mindedness
  • Unified community through a shared experience
  • Spiritual growth and learning from cross-cultural ministry experiences
  • Gain an international extension of your community
  • Build relationships with giants of faith around the world
  • Leadership opportunities for your community
  • Cross-cultural mentorship

HopeChest has been a tool in the hands of the Lord to radically transform the people who make up The River. With their help we have become a global minded people who spend our lives for others. In partnering with two different villages in two different countries, not only are we having Kingdom impact across the globe, our local impact has increased as more folks see the value of ministry beyond themselves.

Rob Link | Lead Pastor, The River, Kalamazoo, Michigan and HopeChest partner in Uganda and Guatemala

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