Why Become a Sponsor?

Where it all begins

Our unique Community-to-Community model, and our mission to equip individuals and communities to become self-sustainable, begins with child sponsorship. In most cases, a child is sponsored by an individual within a  partner church, business, or other group here in North America.

What does child sponsorship do?

A core principle of the HopeChest model is built on strong relationships. Child sponsors commit to monthly gift that provides for basic needs of their sponsored child, including education and medical support, food, and discipleship. They also commit to developing a relationship with their sponsored child through prayer and letter writing. Many sponsors also choose to visit their child and their community through team trips.

Why should I sponsor a child through HopeChest?

HopeChest has a unique approach to sponsorship and community transformation. We utilize a proven, three-phase ministry model that focuses on the needs of individual children, and the broader needs of the community they live in. Our model includes the following phases:



Meets Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Needs

  • Child Sponsorship
  • Clean Water
  • Discipleship
  • Nutrition
  • Basic Medical Care


Equipping Vulnerable Children and Communities for Future Success

  • Educational Support
  • Emergency and Preventative Medical Solutions


Opportunity Through Long-Term Sustainability

  • Income Generating Activities
  • Agriculture Projects
  • Leadership Skills
  • Vocational Training

(NOTE, currently individual child sponsorship is focused on the Survive phase. Other phases are covered through different funding models. If you are interested in going beyond sponsorship, click here for more information.)