Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child is the one of the most personal ways that you can make an impact on global poverty. A sponsored child is a child who is given an opportunity to exercise their God-given gifts and talents. When you sponsor a child, you have a part in helping meet their holistic needs. This applies to their physical needs, such as the needs for clean water and nutritious food; their emotional needs, including a healthy and encouraging community; and their spiritual needs, such as discipleship and the opportunity to learn more about Jesus

Sponsoring a child through Children’s HopeChest is more than providing for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. When you sponsor a child, you build a relationship that shows that child they are valuable, worth loving, and worth investing in.

You have the opportunity to join a network of churches, communities, and individuals that desire to make an impact in the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children. Your sponsorship is the starting point of a journey that equips vulnerable children, their families, and their communities to create sustainable transformation. When you sponsor a child with HopeChest, you are not just supporting one a child — you are transforming entire communities.


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