Our ongoing global challenges connect us all in our efforts to adapt and grow anew. We are united in our desire to help the most vulnerable among us, near and far, achieve that goal through the generosity that Jesus Christ exemplified.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to flourish.


You’ve seen how your meaningful gift empowers children like David in Uganda.

David’s single mother struggled to raise him and his 6 siblings. She could not afford to send him to school- the CarePoint stepped in to help. Now, David is all grown up, and scored in the first division in all his major exams. David is well on his way to his dream of being a civil engineer!


Help us in our global mission to create change, growth, and two-way community transformation.

We believe in dignity- not dependence. Empowering individuals with opportunities and resources to create change themselves creates change that will grow for generations. These Ethiopian children were provided with all the school supplies they needed for the upcoming year, which took the financial burden off their parents.


Your meaningful gifts help enable children to flourish on the other side of the world.

These Russian orphans received educational support and were even able to go on educational field trips to enhance their learning experience. Unique opportunities help support their education and their success in their future careers in the community.

Continue nurturing your connection to friends and community.

We believe in real connection, and the real power of being connected through Jesus Christ.

“Those that be planted
in the house of the Lord shall


in the courts of our God.”
-Psalm 92:13

We are a community that is united in our will to support the most impoverished communities all over the globe with the resources and opportunities to survive, thrive and succeed.


Your 2021 year end gift will support children who might never get that support otherwise. Will you join us this holiday season to help them grow and flourish?