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This Year, Discover the Power of Hope – in Your Life, and in Theirs

What is Hope?

Hope is more than just a word. It’s a spark that ignites change, transforms futures, and empowers dreams. With your support, we’re bringing to life the very essence of hope—nurturing entrepreneurship, fostering health, strengthening connections, advancing education, and sharing the love of Jesus.

Wera Peanut Butter employees make this product from locally-farmed peanuts and distribute to malnourished children in the community.

Hope is Entrepreneurship.

Your year end gift supports the spark of entrepreneurial hope, fostering innovation and opportunity. Your support provides the tools and guidance for children and their parents and guardians to dream, create, and lead!

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Hope is Connection.

Hope lies in the power of relationships and the strength of community. Your support fuels programs that create strong, supportive connections, nurturing a sense of belonging and fostering resilience in every child’s life. 

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Hope is Health.

Every child deserves access to a healthy, vibrant future. Your support helps us provide essential healthcare, nutrition, and resources that help communities not only survive but thrive in good health.


Hope is Education.

Your support helps children receive access to schooling and essential supplies. Learning leads to opportunity and ignites hope not only in a single child’s life, but in entire communities.


Hope is Jesus.

Above all, hope is found in Jesus, the light of the world. Your gift will support programs that share the transformative love of Jesus, bringing comfort, guidance, and a sense of identity to children and youth in need.

Your 2023 year-end gift will support children who live in some of the world’s most impoverished communities with the resources they need to survive, thrive, and succeed.

Join the movement. Ignite hope today!

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