At our Hope Beyond Borders Event on April 4, 2024

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What's a Hope Beyond Borders Event?

Hope Beyond Borders are more than just virtual gatherings; they are transformative events that reflect the very heart of our mission. These events serve as powerful platforms to bring our global network of communities together, fostering inspiration, empowerment, and collaboration. The purpose of Hope Beyond Borders is tri-fold…

Inspiration and connection. Sharing stories of impact and success reaffirms our mission, connections that matter, and give beneficiaries a platform to share their story.

Transparency and learning. Gain a deeper understanding of the impact HopeChest is making. Through open discussions and interactive sessions, learn about our programs’ effectiveness, our financial stewardship, and the real-world changes we’re effecting in the lives of children.

Catalyst for Action. Whether it’s inviting friends, sharing feedback, investing time, talents, or treasure, learning new ways to empower communities through Children’s HopeChest.

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Meet the Storytellers

Shewit Aregawi
My name is Shewit Aregawi, and I’ve been part of the I Care for the Nation CarePoint family for 13 years. 

When I first came to I Care, I was just a little girl. My mom raised me by her own. It was incredibly hard for her. She was sick and felt hopeless because we had no one to turn to during that difficult time. She couldn’t afford to give us what we needed, and as a child, I didn’t understand what was happening. 

But everything changed when I came to I Care. The staff there loved and cared for me. They hugged me, talked to me, and made me feel valued. I started paying close attention to the life skills training they offered and focused hard on my education. 

My mom also benefited from the psychosocial support I Care provided to all the women. I would even sit in on the sessions with her. The topics they discussed were helpful not just for the mothers, but for the children too. 

One day, I Care invited me to a meeting at a fancy hotel – a place I never thought I’d ever go. It made me realize how much they valued me. That day will stay with me forever. 

If it weren’t for I Care, I can’t even imagine where I’d be. I definitely wouldn’t be here, with the confidence to dream big and inspire other children at the CarePoint and beyond. 

Fikrte Abdela
My name is Fikrte Abdela, a single mother of five. Before joining I Care, life was incredibly challenging. I struggled financially, with no support system to help my family. I felt overwhelmed and hopeless. 

Finding Hope at I Care: Joining I Care was a turning point. Surrounded by like-minded women facing similar struggles, I found a sense of community and renewed hope. 

Programs that Empowered Me: I Care offered a variety of programs that became the stepping stones to my success. Psychosocial support provided a safe space to voice my challenges and receives non-judgmental support. This helped me rediscover my own value and strength. 

Income Generation and Confidence: Income-generating activities equipped me with skills to run my own small business, which is thriving now. Additionally, involvement in self-help groups and holding leadership positions boosted my confidence and commitment to making a positive change. 

Brighter Future: Thanks to I Care’s support, I see a bright future for myself and my children. I am now able to influence others in a positive way, just like I Care influenced me.

Ayneabeba (Ayni) Maru
My name is Ayneabeba Maru, but you can call me Ayni. I lead I Care for the Nation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable groups, especially women and children, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Our focus is sustainable development. We’ve been fortunate to provide holistic care for hundreds of women and children through psychological and economic development programs. We also offer job training for unemployed youth, increasing their chances of finding work. Beyond direct support, I Care for the Nation advocates for positive change on a national level. We participate in policymaking to improve the well-being of women, girls, and children. Additionally, we raise awareness about family values and celebrate mothers and women through special events. 

The most significant impact we’ve seen is the emotional well-being of women and children. By helping them feel safe and supported, we empower them to plan for a brighter future. This newfound confidence allows them to overcome obstacles and improve their quality of life. We have numerous success stories that showcase the positive change we bring to the community, documented in partnership with HopeChest. 

Looking ahead, I Care for the Nation has ambitious goals. We aim to eliminate gender-based violence (GBV) and poverty. To achieve this, we’re launching “Let My Sister Learn,” a nationwide initiative advocating for girls’ education. Educated women play a vital role in peace building and poverty reduction. 


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