Land Purchase Opportunity

The Mt. Elgone CarePoint serves a very rural and highly impoverished area at the base of Mt. Elgone. The CarePoint serves over 125 vulnerable children and their households. Some of the training the CarePoint plans to provide in the near future within the community will create household micro-businesses such as baking, sewing/tailoring, food prep, growing and selling of produce and crops, animal husbandry projects and others. These micro-businesses often struggle because of lack of access to viable markets.

The Kenya government is in the process of completing a major two-lane roadway that will connect northeastern Uganda and northwest Kenya together. The Mt. Elgone CarePoint is one mile off this new road.

Mt. Elgone CarePoint-Molem Land Purchase Map


Purchase land with roadway frontage to establish a retail kiosk for community members to sell products and produce in a high traffic marketplace setting.

Opportunity & Benefit

A land-owner is selling 2.23 acres of very fertile farm land and 100’ of roadway frontage in the trading village of Molem, Kenya which is approx. two miles from the Mt. Elgone CarePoint. 

One-quarter (.25) acre of land will be converted to retail area. The remaining two acres will be farmed to help produce food for the CarePoint and for retail sale. Eventually, the two acres will be converted to a grain milling and grain storage operation which will generate profits to reinvest in the sustainability of the Mt. Elgone CarePoint.


The total cost to purchase the land is $55,000 U.S. dollars. As of June 26, $15,000 has been contributed to the land purchase fund. The land will be purchased and owned by the Mt. Elgone CarePoint Community Based Organization (CBO) to help facilitate economic sustainability for individuals enrolled in the Mt. Elgone CarePoint Income Generating Activities Training and to facilitate revenue generation to contribute to the sustainability of the Mt. Elgone CarePoint itself.

0.23 acres (100’ x 100’ highway frontage parcel and culvert bridge)
2.00 acres of farm land
Government processing fees
In-country project management
U.S. project management


Base Project Cost Subtotal (80%)
HopeChest Administration (20%)
Total Project Cost

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Donate toward the purchase of the land through the Mt. Elgone CarePoint Land Purchase.