Register Your Community for a Virtual Partner Visit

Build meaningful and lasting relationships with your CarePoint.

During your virtual partner visit, you can expect a unique two-to-three hour experience. 

You will see a new video about your CarePoint; learn important updates from the CarePoint community; hear live testimonies from children, guardians, and income-generating activity participants; and have a live Q&A with CarePoint leaders.

Each virtual partner visit costs HopeChest between $500-600. Because of that, we’re asking the leadership of each North American community to fund a portion of the experience ($250), and we will provide each registrant with the opportunity to donate to help cover the costs of hosting the visit.

What happens after registration?

  • After you register, we’ll be in touch with you on the date of your virtual partner visit.
  • We’ll help you spread the word to HopeChest Friends and partners in your community about the upcoming virtual partner visit to your CarePoint, as well as send you resources you can utilize to help people in your community sign up. Heads up!: We’ll be asking each virtual partner visit registrant to make a donation to help cover the costs of hosting the visit.