Over 350 million children in India do not attend school.

Many of these children live in high-risk environments, which sometimes means living amongst trash and open sewage. We believe that education is one of the greatest weapons against poverty.

In India, HopeChest partners with The Friends of the Good Samaritans. Rising from the slums of India, The Good Samaritans School is able to serve 4,400 students; although, in 2017, there just over  2,000 children enrolled. School attendance in India is not free, which means that many poor, vulnerable, or orphaned children are unable to attend school.

Good Samaritan Schools

Children’s HopeChest partners with three locations in Delhi. The largest school, which serves about 1,500 children is located in the Jasola slum, and educates children from preschool to 12th grade.

The second two schools are “feeder schools,” which are designed for younger students. These feeder schools have a closer proximity to the slums they serve in, which helps the teachers and staff build a relationship with the parents. The close distance also allows parents to walk their children to school, ensuring the children have a safe commute. When a child graduates from a feeder school, they can attend the larger school at Jasola that serves children up through grade 12.

The two feeder schools are Madanpur Khadar, which has 490 students from preschool to 8th grade who live in the Madanpur Khadar Slum Relocation Colony, and Dakshinpuri, which goes from preschool to fifth grade and has around 175 students who live in the Dakshinpuri slum.

Partnership through Sponsorship

Through the HopeChest sponsorship program, children from very poor families are given the chance to attend a first-rate, Christian school—one of less than five government-recognized Christian schools in Northern India for children from the slums. Graduates of the schools are qualified to apply to any college in India.

Sponsorship also funds one nutritious meal per day. For many, it is the only food they will get the chance to eat. The school also provides medical care, including anti-parasite medications and vitamins.