Write Your Child

Writing to your sponsored child is a great way to lay the groundwork for a strong and fruitful relationship that provides both of you with strength and encouragement.

The letters our sponsored children receive are treasures that will be kept for years to come. Please take the time to write to your sponsored child today.

Tips for writing your child

We recommend that sponsors write their sponsored children at least once every three months, but at most one letter per month. Tell them about your hobbies, interests, activities, job, school, travels, and family. Share your favorite Bible verse* and your dreams for the future with them. Make sure to ask them questions too! For some great letter-writing tips click here! Include pictures of your family and your life.

*Russia sponsors: Please do not openly share the gospel or Bible verses. This could potentially put our ministry in Russia at risk. You may only share your personal experience with Christ but no evangelistic messages.  

You may send handwritten letters to:

Children’s HopeChest
P.O. Box 1190
Palmer Lake, CO 80133
*Include your child’s full name and reference number on all mail.

If you would prefer to use our online submission system, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

To build the relationship:



Photos of yourself and your family | Your walk with Christ and your favorite Bible verse | Your hobbies, interests, and fun stories



About their lives and their interests | How you can pray for them

Be Consistent


About writing them (we suggest at least once every three months) | About telling your child you are praying for them/thinking about them

To protect the relationship:

What To Send


Only paper items that will fit inside of a flat envelope! This can include bookmarks, stickers, and coloring pages. (Please do not send gifts or money.)

Your Privacy


Do not share personal communication information (this includes your address, email, phone numbers, Facebook…etc) or financial information with your sponsor child.

Resist Promises


Empty promises, or making promises that you cannot keep, hurts the trust in your relationship with your sponsor child. This includes saying that you will visit “sometime” or suggesting that you will adopt them or bring them to the U.S.

Write now!

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