7 Tips for Writing to Your Sponsored Child

Praying for and writing to your sponsor child can easily be overlooked. Even after several trips to visit my child, between cultural and language barriers, it isn’t always easy to build our connection. So, if you’re like me and sometimes need some inspiration, look no further than these 7 tips to get you started writing your sponsor child!


Keep it short and simple.

Whatever you write, more than likely, will have to be translated. Complex sentences and words won’t translate well. And the same goes for cultural sayings. Start by taking the pressure off yourself to come up with something elaborate — simple and short is good.

Be specific.

If you’re responding to a letter, start by picking out something unique your child mentioned. Maybe it’s a chore he told you about or a grandmother she asked you to pray for. Whatever it is, ask them more about it. Dig a little deeper by focusing on the things they tell you about.

Tell them about your life.

When our kids write us, they do this by describing their everyday chores and classes. Even if you don’t feel like you have anything exciting to share, they’ll love to hear what your everyday life looks like. It’s easy to forget their world is so different from ours.

Pick a verse*.

Whenever I’m totally failing to come up with something on my own, I turn to the Bible. Pick a verse that speaks to you and write a little explanation for it in your letter.

Write out prayer*.

Sometimes asking questions can be hard since there are several months in between when you write and get a response. I love writing prayers because it puts my hopes and dreams for my sponsor children into something tangible.

Take advantage of pictures and art.

This winter, after returning from a ski trip, I sent my child a picture of us snowboarding. By sending or drawing unique pictures of things our children haven’t seen before, we open their world just as they open ours. Our sponsor children communicate to us through visuals. You can speak to them in this same language — one that doesn’t have to be translated.

They will love to hear from you!

Even a few words will make your sponsor child’s day. The most important thing to remember is that writing something is always better than writing nothing. Make sure to check out HopeChest’s do’s and don’ts of letter-writing here!

*Please note: This is not apply to Russia sponsors. Russia sponsors are not able to share openly about the Gospel or Bible verses. Because of the unique nature of working in Russia this could potentially put our ministry at risk. You may only share your personal experience with Christ but no evangelistic messages