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Welcome to Children’s HopeChest!

Founded in 1994 to minister to orphans in the former Soviet Union, Children’s HopeChest has grown to serve over 10,000 orphans living in nine countries. On this page, you can learn more about the ministry of HopeChest, and find helpful links to other parts of our Web site with greater details about our programs.


Children’s HopeChest helps children overcome abandonment, poverty, and violence by mobilizing individuals, churches, and Christian communities to make long-term ministry investments in a community of children living overseas. These relationships provide financial, human, and spiritual resources to help orphans survive, thrive, and succeed within their home culture.

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HopeChest empowers children to overcome abandonment, poverty, abuse by:

  • Redeeming orphans from their earthly circumstances
  • Restoring the relationships God intended them to have
  • Releasing them into the world as full, whole, and healthy adults


The founding board of directors were initially concerned with the explosion of orphans in Russia after the fall of communism. As the dynamics of the global orphan crisis unfold, HopeChest seeks ministry opportunities in the most deeply-impacted regions of the world.

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HopeChest programs focus on empowering every child in our care to survive, thrive, and succeed within their home culture.

Survive: Stabilizing vulnerable communities
HopeChest CarePoints provide every child with 1-2 meals per day at least 5 times per week.  As of 2010, we served an estimated 40,000 meals per week to approximately 6,000 children. HopeChest provides each CarePoint with a development plan to include projects such as well drilling, kitchen construction, new school classrooms, water purification and storage systems, and medical clinics. Long-term plans include helping the community develop self-sufficiency through livestock programs and agricultural development.

HopeChest delivers ministry through a combination of indigenous, local Christian leaders and U.S. supporters and volunteers. God desires every orphan to know Him as God the Father. All evangelism and discipleship activities unfold within the context of long-term relationships that focus on modeling the love of Christ in action. All CarePoints receive regular discipleship visits that are reaching over 6,000 children on an annual basis. Funding from HopeChest supports a network “disciplers” who are committed to forging long-term relationships with orphans and role model a healthy Christian lifestyle to the children. These individuals are trained by  HopeChest, and equipped to teach basic character education rooted in biblical principles. Through authentic relationships, supported by the foundation of regular and nutritious food, children learn to trust our ministry staff and begin the process of transitioning toward adulthood.

Thrive: Advancing Education
HopeChest CarePoints Once the community’s  basic needs are addressed, HopeChest introduces education and basic healthcare initiatives. At this stage, a strong emphasis is placed upon education. Education is one of our tools in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS through sexual contact at a  young age. At this phase, HopeChest is active in funding school fees for books, uniforms, report cards, and other expenses required of students. Because these children have no family resources to pay these fees, many cannot attend school. Some will work to earn money for food and water.

Succeed: Transitioning to Adulthood.
Through education, life-skills training, and transitional living services, HopeChest helps children make the complex transition from orphaned child to whole adult. The most mature set of these programs exists within our Russia ministry, which has been operating continuously since 1994. In that time, HopeChest has developed internationally recognized transitional living and orphan support programs for older children. Briefly, these programs are designed to reduce the prevalent “at-risk” behaviors seen specifically amongst Russian orphans. Those would include criminal activity, drug/alcohol addiction, lack of school attendance, unemployment, or abandonment of their own children. After a recent study of our orphanage graduates in Vladimir, we discovered the following results:

Outcomes of Vladimir Graduates vs. All Russia Graduates (by %)




Criminal Activity



Drug/Alcohol Addiction



College/University Attendance



Unemployment Rates (under age 23)



Orphan Graduates who Abandon their own Children



Compared to national averages, the children enrolled in the HopeChest programs are faring much better on all measures.

For more information about our programs for older orphans in Russia, please visit the pages below:

How to Get Involved

Over time, HopeChest desires every child in our care to truly succeed to their fullest potential within the context of their home culture. We believe the best strategy for accomplishing that goal is to establish a long-term presence within the child’s community, and provide the assistance needed by local Christians and community leaders to protect, nurture, and grow their children to healthy adulthood.

HopeChest provides five ways for you to get involved on your own, with your social network, or with your church or business.

Engage: Micro-Giving
Discover the five easy steps anyone can do to help orphans and vulnerable children around the world through the FIVE campaign. This strategy is an excellent starting point for individuals who want to know more about global orphan ministry. For more details, visit the FIVE campaign page.

Connect: Social Network Sponsorship
The Connect Community program recruits passionate volunteer advocates who are willing to establish online communities of other supporters. Together this new community “connects” to a community of orphans living overseas. Each member of the new network individually sponsors an orphan, and commits to regular prayer and letter-writing to their child. The Connect community leader receives training from HopeChest as well as specialized content to post and share with other community members. This program delivers identical benefits to the traditional “community-to-community” sponsorship, while expanding the reach and reducing the start-up time of bringing new community’s online. Get more information about launching your Connect Community.

Transform: Church Sponsorship
HopeChest’s “community-to-community” partnership model allows churches and businesses to establish a long-term ministry project with a specific community of orphans. As a “Transform Community,” sponsors select a specific community of orphans and recruit members to individually sponsor those children. Those sponsors provide prayer support, financial resources, and ongoing letter-writing for their kids. Going further, Transform Communities are full partners in a variety of development projects like wells, feeding centers, schools, and medical clinics. Over the long-term, these communities provide practical ministry resources kids need to overcome their abandonment and abuse and become healthy and productive adults.  Find out how your church can become a Transform sponsor of an orphan community.

Mission Trips
HopeChest has multiple trips scheduled to all of our current ministry locations. Individuals can sign up to travel with HopeChest on a mission trip, even if you are not connected to HopeChest through sponsorship. We also host several vision trips for pastors as an introduction to how our sponsorship program works. If you are thinking about launching a Connect Community or Transform Church Sponsorship, a vision trip is perfect for you. See the latest travel schedule.


Children’s HopeChest is a member of the Evangelical Financial Accountability, an accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn the public’s trust through adherence to Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship. In accordance with best practices, the board has established an Audit Committee to oversee our annual audit and preparation of our IRS Form-990 tax return. Those documents are posted on the bottom of the About Us page.  Children’s HopeChest treats donor information with the utmost confidence.  Accordingly, the board of directors has adopted the following Donor Privacy Policy to safeguard every donor’s personal and financial information.