Announcement! 2019 Vision Trip Schedule

We are happy to announce the dates that you have all been waiting for — the dates for our 2019 Vision Trips!

Our holistic model of transformation hinges on relationships between communities. But have you ever wondered how HopeChest connects these communities and cultivates these relationships? One of the first steps in developing a Community-to-Community partnership is taking a Vision Trip.

“Vision Trip” is not another name for “Mission Trip.”

Vision Trips allow pastors and community leaders to envision how their community can transform not only the lives of vulnerable children and their communities, but also their own community back home. Once a potential partner chooses a country they would like to partner with, they travel with a member of our Strategic Partnership Development team to visit CarePoints that are available for partnership.

Going on a Vision Trip fulfills two purposes:

  1. Vision Trips help a potential partner gain a deeper understanding of HopeChest’s unique Community-to-Community approach.
  2. Vision Trips begin the process of building trust and relationship with the in-country staff in hopes of bringing in a partner. The local staff can also learn and trust the partner church as well.

While you are in-country you do three things at each location that is available for partnership:

  1. You will have a meeting with the leaders at the CarePoint and they will share what current challenges they face in their community, as well as what their vision is for the future of their community.
  2. You will have time to play with the children get to know their stories and begin building a relationship with them.
  3. You will walk in the community to get a sense of where the children come from, what their home life is like, where the resources are, and other challenges and opportunities they face.

Vision Trips open the window for you to see how your community can make a tangible impact in eliminating the cycle of poverty. Once you choose a community overseas to partner with, we provide all the tools you need to succeed in your partnership and walk with you through each step!  

Interested in learning more about how you can join an upcoming Vision Trip? Click here!