Going the Extra Mile is Always Worth It

Sometimes, the largest impacts in life are the ones that cannot be measured. They don’t always make the headlines, but they are felt and remembered for a lifetime.

For Joseline, it started when her 15th birthday was quickly approaching.

Joseline is a young girl in the nutrition program at Pueblo Modelo CarePoint with her brother and sister. Pueblo Modelo, or “Model Village,” is located in Zacapa, Guatemala. Just like every CarePoint, Pueblo Modelo incorporates all aspects of a child’s wellbeing, including physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs.

One day, Joseline approached one of the CarePoint leaders, Debby, who also happens to teach sewing at the CarePoint. She asked if Debby might be able to make her dress for her 15-year-old birthday party – also known as a quinceañera.

A quinceañera, similar to a young lady’s sweet sixteen in the U.S., is a huge deal in a young girl’s life as it marks the passage from girlhood to womanhood. Specifically, the event emphasizes the importance of family and society in the life of a young woman. One of the traditions is to have a dress made specially for the quinceañera and to have photos taken in it. 

Joseline is a shy and stoic young lady who typically keeps to herself and rarely smiles. For Joseline to ask Debby about the dress speaks to the trust that Joseline and other community members have in the CarePoint leaders. 

Debby, knowing how special this opportunity was, immediately agreed and began designing the dress. Joseline specifically requested a long princess dress with different tones of purple and Debby was going to make nothing short of that. She traveled to Guatemala City, a 3-hour-drive from Zacapa, to find the perfect fabric. Once she secured the materials for Joseline’s dream dress, it took her an entire week to make it. 

Debby working on Joseline‘s dress

As soon as Debby completed the dress, Joseline’s face lit up with delight as she tried it on for the first time. Her radiant face indicated that her expectations had been far exceeded. That same joyful face shined during the entire birthday celebration, and Debby felt honored to have played a part in the elation.

This is part of the CarePoint’s impact in the community that cannot be quantified but is incredibly important. It’s through opportunities like these that the CarePoint is growing trust in the community, leading people closer to the Lord, and shedding light on hope of a better future.

The party was a huge blessing to Joseline, her family, and everyone who attended. Joseline comes from a struggling family in Pueblo Modelo, and her entire family, including aunts and uncles, chipped in to make the party happen.

Joseline and her family

Joseline’s mother mentioned to Debby that her daughter’s dream, ever since she was a little girl, was to dance the waltz with her father at her quinceañera. 

Debby’s sewing talent and willingness to serve helped make Joseline’s dream come true.

Joseline dancing the Waltz with her father

Debby’s simple reflection: “You never know the impact your small gift will make in the life of someone” 

How can you use your gifts to go the extra mile in your own community? Do you enjoy cooking? Cook a meal for a struggling family! God has given you specific gifts for a reason. He has designed you to use them! Your greatest gifts and service to others is where fulfillment is found and God is glorified. 

1 Peter 4:10, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” 

Be encouraged and stay alert for your opportunity to go the extra mile!