Sally Townsend

Ambassador & Board Chair Emeritus

I’ve spent the last 12 years learning about different approaches to addressing the cycle of poverty through various non-profits and NGO’s. In my opinion, Children’s HopeChest packs the biggest punch dollar-for-dollar with their empowering approach to help entire communities become healthy, independent and self-sustaining. I have full confidence that any investment I make with Children’s HopeChest will be stewarded well and have a massive multiplying effect.

Some of my favorite things about Children’s HopeChest include…

  • Financial transparency and ability to track every dollar received and spent
  • Leadership in countries we serve consists only of local, indigenous leaders
  • Holistic approach that addresses more than tangible needs
  • Elevation of the voices and choices of those with we work with
  • Path for communities transitioning from their basic needs being met to “graduation” from the program

The objective is for communities to grow out of their need for assistance.
And guess what? IT’S WORKING.

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Sally Townsend is a former Chairperson of Children’s HopeChest’s Board. She is a leader and thinker committed to working towards sustainable methods to break cycles of poverty. Sally was first introduced to the ministry of Children’s HopeChest in 2010. When she’s not shuttling kids, you can find her leading worship at her church, getting lost in a good book, or adventuring with her husband in the great outdoors around their home of Salt Lake City.

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