Category: Stories of Hope

Look for the Helpers

It’s good to be reminded that there is light when you intentionally look for it. All around the world, there are people igniting fires of hope. Those are the people we are focusing on in today’s blog. We are looking for the helpers.

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The Emotional Impact of Agricultural Programs in Uganda

Today we are illustrating the emotional impact of agricultural programs through three stories in Uganda. The nutritional impact is often the main purpose of agricultural initiatives, but the emotional impact is also monumental and helps to move people closer to self-sustainability!

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Four Stories that Illustrate the Impact of Discipleship

One of the most impactful aspects of CarePoint programming are discipleship lessons. Developing a personal relationship with Jesus is igniting hope in children’s lives as they learn that they have a unique purpose despite their challenges, and that they never have to face life alone.

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Annet, a Selfless Single-Mother of 6 Is a Blessing to Nabukalu CarePoint

In preparation of celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow, we’d like to share the story of Annet, a selfless, single-mother of six. ⁠

Learn how Annet fed children at Nabukalu CarePoint for a month with her own resources, how her daughter’s mysterious illness led her to embrace God, how she has succeeded in her work in agriculture, and how she is a valuable resource to the Nabukalu community!⁠

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