Annet, a Selfless Single-Mother of 6 Is a Blessing to Nabukalu CarePoint

Annet a single mother of six, single-handedly saved Nabukalu CarePoint when the CarePoint temporarily struggled to feed the children. Annet, being the CarePoint management committee person, didn’t allow the CarePoint programs to come into a standstill. She used her personal resources to provide posho/corn flour to the CarePoint. Her support empowered the CarePoint to feed children for the whole month, until the CarePoint recovered from the temporary crisis.

Who is Annet? Annet is a single mother of six who was abandoned by her husband in 2000 for another wife, because according to him, Annet failed to produce a baby boy who would extend his lineage.  By then Annet had only four beautiful girls. After being pushed out of marriage, Annet went through thick and thin of life, being a single mother without a definite source of income.

To add injury on a fresh wound, two of her daughters were attacked by measles and they were both admitted in the hospital. People in her life assured her that whenever two children of the same parents get admitted at the same time, one usually dies. This scared her, and fear gripped her heart. Her support from the hospital was by well-wishers in her community and her helpless grandmother. By God’s grace, Annet’s two daughters survived and are very well up to this point. It was difficult caring for her family alone and Annet began a relationship with another man, with whom she had two boys. In 2006, her younger daughter developed a mysterious sickness that the medical experts gave up trying to solve. Annet felt that her daughter was being left for dead.  At this point, Annet had not given her life to God, but her daughter’s condition drew her into a relationship with God. When she surrendered to God, and when God miraculously healed her daughter, she gave her life to Christ Jesus without question. Today her daughter, with support from Children’s HopeChest, has sat for national exams that will empower her join university if all goes well.

Life has taught Annet to be aggressive in making ends meet, she does not waste any opportunity. Annet is a commercial farmer, and she has put her strength in cotton growing where many do not have interest because of the history of lack of market for cotton. Gradually, Annet’s commitment and consistency in cotton production caught the eye of the top cotton production executives, and in 2018-2019, Annet was appointed to be the District Area Coordinator, and on top of her cotton production, she is now entitled to a monthly salary. Annet now plans to open a large-scale produce store where she will stock a variety of cereals. With income from this store, Annet plans to invest part of it for supporting more vulnerable children in the community. Currently Annet takes care of two orphans in addition to her six children.

Annet attributes the passion to support those living in poverty from hearing stories that, sponsors are not rich people, but sponsors are always willing to share the little they have. Despite the fact that, Annet is not from Nabukalu community,  she is a darling and an invaluable asset for Nabukalu community because of her big heart and ever-present readiness to help in times of need.

Despite of what she has gone through in her life, Annet is ever smiling, happy and positive. She is empowered, transformed, and role model in the community.