Four Stories that Illustrate the Impact of Discipleship

Children’s HopeChest exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and impoverished children and their communities. Part of the programming that occurs at CarePoints to accomplish this mission is discipleship. In discipleship lessons, children learn that God loves them and they are made in the image of God. Through learning about stories in the Bible and hearing scripture lessons, children begin to build confidence that God has a unique purpose for their life. The impact of this message in a vulnerable child’s life is huge! 

Kimberly, Sigcebhe, Andualem, and Reagan are just a handful of children whose lives have been transformed through discipleship at their local CarePoints.

Kimberly’s Story

Kimberly is an eight-year-old girl in Guatemala who either walks 25 minutes or takes a 45-minute bus commute to the Bethlehem CarePoint. Despite her long commute, she has never missed a discipleship lesson over the last year. At the CarePoint she receives a nutritious meal and other critical support, but what she really loves coming to CarePoint for is learning about the Bible. 

She has shown leadership skills and now oversees certain aspects of the CarePoint’s Bible study. She constantly asks about her prayer friends in the U.S. and prays for them every day — for safety and for many blessings upon them. Kimberly loves God and prays for her development as a professional. Her dream is to study, find a stable job, and be able to help her community. 


Sigcebhe’s Story

Sigcebhe is a 15-year-old girl who lives in Eswatini with her grandparents and her two siblings. When she was a young child, she lost both of her parents. Her grandparents struggle to provide for her and her siblings’ critical needs, and they are thankful that she attends the Bhalekane CarePoint, where she eats nutritious meals. 

The discipleship lessons at the CarePoint are helping her grow into the understanding of knowing who God is and her identity in Christ. What has been most helpful for Sigcebhe, has been the discipleship lesson called “Perseverance through Pain,” which has helped her to create meaning and purpose out of the tragic loss of losing her parents. She says, “That is where l have gained strength to continue coming to the CarePoint and continue with my studies, because I now know that there is something good that can come out from my pain. Today l am a living testimony. I have grown so much and am doing grade seven because God has been with me ever since my parents passed away.”


Andualem’s Story

Andualem is a 16-year-old boy in Ethiopia whose dream is to become a Christian journalist. His family is among one of the most vulnerable families in his community, which is why he attends Addis Ketema CarePoint for support. 

His favorite reason to come to the CarePoint is for the discipleship lessons. The CarePoint, in cooperation with the local church and volunteers, provide discipleship lessons for all children. For the last six years, he has been an active participant in the lessons. Currently, he is one of the best students in the Sunday school and has volunteered to take on various responsibilities in the lessons. He has become an asset for the CarePoint and church. 

Andualem says, ”Before, I had no opportunity to come to the church, because I had a number of tasks to complete at home when dad and mom left  home for work. Both are laborers. They have to work, and I have to take my responsibility. But after joining the CarePoint, things are becoming changed and it’s a must to be around Sunday school. I love the way they teach me and their communication style.  Then here I am as a Sunday school teacher! I want to thank God and the sponsoring community for giving me this chance for me to be the beneficiary of the Addis Ketema CarePoint.”


Reagan’s Story

Reagan is a young boy living in Nabukalu village in Uganda. Reagan was born into a polygamous family of 24 children. Due to the large family, his parents could not afford his critical needs, such as food, medical care, bedding, and clothes. All his older sisters and brothers dropped out of school and got married because there was no money to pay their school fees. 

In 2013, he became sponsored at Nabukalu CarePoint. He started having regular midday meals, attending school, and experienced medical care. Through the discipleship program at the CarePoint, Reagan has learned to read and recite Bible verses, and most importantly his hope has grown. Now he ushers in his local church, and is excelling in his school classes. 

Reagan shared, “The interaction with my fellow children and staff at the CarePoint during discipleship lessons has built my confidence, because I am able to stand and talk in a group of people.”


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified… for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

God deeply loves every child at HopeChest’s CarePoints. Discipleship lessons teach the children we serve that they are never alone in life, and anything they go through, they have God alongside them.

Thank you for being a part of HopeChest’s work to love, protect, and advocate for children around the world.