Celebrating Education

Receiving an education is one of the most effective ways individuals and communities can escape poverty. Most people who live in extreme poverty do not have a basic education, which severely limits employment opportunities- thus keeping the individual in poverty. Families struggling with poverty are also more likely to keep their children home from school, often to help with earning income. Education opens up a multitude of opportunities for employment, which can completely transform an individual’s future. Education levels in a community has a direct positive impact on economic growth and also reduces income disparities. 

We’d like to celebrate the accomplishments of the children from CarePoints around the world who have taken the opportunity they’ve received through HopeChest, and who have used their natural talents and hard work to achieve big things in their education. These children are able to change the trajectory of not only their own lives, but the lives of their families and those in their community. All they needed was the opportunity to shine!

Note: Children’s names have been altered in accordance with HopeChest’s Child Protection Policy and standards.

Adam attended the Enat CarePoint outside Hawassa, Ethiopia, when he was younger. Now, he is 21 and currently in his third year of college. Adam “does everything with a great passion”, and loves to help out his community. Adam always comes by to help the staff with the discipleship class, and helps the children with their schoolwork. He also helps on distribution days with passing out supplies, and helps the social worker with documentation and record keeping. The staff loves to have him around, especially because he is a wonderful role model for the younger children. The CarePoint staff are all very proud of him!


Rena is 19 and has been attending the Jemo CarePoint since she was very young. Rena was always very good at school, even when she was little. Because of the support she received, she has been able to continue with her education. Rena recently took the university entrance exam, and passed! She’s currently waiting to receive her university assignment so she can pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.


Maria began attending the Nuevo Reto CarePoint outside Villa Nuevo, Guatemala, when she was five years old. She’s now nine years old! The CarePoint helped her get a head start on her education when she began attending, so that she could start school strong. Maria learned her letters and how to read. Then once she entered school, she continued receiving extra tutoring and other academic support through the CarePoint. The CarePoint staff says Maria is a very intelligent girl and learns very quickly. She loves to study- her favorite subjects are math, English, and Kakchiquel (the Mayan language). The Nuevo Reto CarePoint has been blessed with a library, that they encourage the children to use. One of Maria’s favorite hobbies is to read! Maria also has a brother that she enjoys spending time studying and playing at the CarePoint with.


Benjamin is a fourteen year old who lives in the Akamurei Village in Ongongoja, Uganda with his grandmother. He started attending the Ongongoja CarePoint in 2016. Benjamin is a very thoughtful boy, and is always helping his grandmother with anything she needs. Since Benjamin started receiving HopeChest support, he was able to attend Ongongoja Primary school. Every term, Benjamin places first or second highest in his grade level! His favorite subjects are math and social studies. When CarePoint staff visited him at school, the school’s headmaster could not resist praising Benjamin’s hard work and his high test scores. Benjamin also loves to read and is the captain of the football team. He dreams of a being a pilot someday.


Hakeem did not have very good grades before he was supported at the Aware CarePoint. But once Hakeem and his family did not have to worry about providing his school supplies, his academic performance improved dramatically! Hakeem had the number one score in his primary school exit exam, and is now in the ninth grade. He is very thankful for the support he gets. His dream is to continue to work hard in school so that he can get a scholarship to a foreign university.


HopeChest’s work all over the world is fighting poverty and decreasing vulnerability and risk for people today and tomorrow by enabling access to education. Educated children become empowered adults! These children have worked so hard to achieve big things even in less than ideal circumstances in their homes and communities. The results will change their lives and the lives of their community members in the future!

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