Changing Agents: a short film about hope

In 2006 I faced a reality that I didn’t know existed. At the age of 10, video games filled the endless amounts of free time that I had at hand. The most popular games at this time were war games in which your goal was to stay alive the longest.

While taking a break from the Playstation, I scrolled through YouTube. On the front page of Youtube was a documentary film about the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). There were boys my age whose villages had been burned to the ground while their relatives had been murdered. They were kidnapped from their homes to become child soldiers for the LRA. My virtual reality of staying alive the longest on a screen was a true reality for them.

Last year, I had the opportunity to capture the story of a few of these heroes. Without giving too much detail away before watching the film, these men now identify as changing agents in their community.

Changing agents that bring a hope that goes beyond the evil on Earth, a hope that lasts forever.



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