Children’s HopeChest Announces the Closure of Joel Home

Children’s HopeChest announced today they will be closing the doors of Joel Home, located in Colorado Springs, CO. Joel Home was created to help young adults between the ages of 18-23 who had aged out of the Colorado Springs Foster Care system. “We made the difficult decision, in conjunction with Dream Centers of Colorado Springs, our partner in Joel Home, to transition out of this program effective December 31, 2016, ultimately feeling led to maximize HopeChest resources towards our core mission of serving vulnerable children internationally,” said HopeChest President and CEO.

“We are delighted and grateful for the strides that many of the 30 young adults participating in our program, since it’s beginning, have made,” said Sparks. “The success of the program lives on in those who utilized Joel Home to transition into young adulthood, examples like Abigail who has safe living arrangements and is employed, Alex who lives in Boulder and is actively working and going to school to enter the medical field, and Kyle, who moved to Missouri to be near family and is employed and in school to be a firefighter.” All of the current residents of Joel Home have been assisted in transitioning into healthy living arrangements best suited for their personal needs.