Follow Your Calling

I distinctly remember my first “Vision Trip” to see first-hand, the work God was doing in impoverished communities throughout the world. I already had a passion for helping children out of poverty, but when I met a child I sponsored, the Holy Spirit touched my heart in a way that is hard to explain. It was clear that I could (and should) help more kids…but, How Lord?

This calling on my life to serve vulnerable children continued to grow. I needed to answer the call. I was able to do that in small ways, but I yearned for making a bigger impact. Earlier on 2016 I had the opportunity to take a leadership position at Children’s HopeChest, and I jumped at the chance.

In the past six months, I’ve had the privilege to visit over 40 HopeChest CarePoints around the world—seeing first hand how God continues to show his presence and faithfulness. Miracles happened right before my eyes. The transformation of children, families and even entire communities is real. This has impacted me on such a deep personal level.


I remember the pastor in Swaziland who came up, hugged me and just wanted to pray with me. His excitement for me to see the older kids who were now mentoring younger kids through curriculum developed and provided because churches and individuals donors give to ŒHopeChest, was worth the entire trip. Because of the HopeChest model, kids are not looking for a “handout,” but rather a “hand-up,” they are embracing the truth of how God made them and are embracing an entrepreneurial spirit. They are ready to take on the world!


This ability to foster self-reliance, encouraging and empowering children to change their mindset and see the world for what they can do in it and for it, is at the heart of our model. What a blessing to see it firsthand!


To see communities come together as a body under Christ and to become self-sustaining, enterprising businesses is amazing. I got to visit a welding shop that is being run and is on a path to self-funding through the training, prayer, support and encouragement of partnerships in the US.

I wish you could meet one of the Ugandan CarePoint Program Coordinators who wanted me to meet the principal of the school where kids were failing and the school was about to lose its accreditation. Due to support through HopeChest and corporate funding, the CarePoint was able to start a garden where kids from the school were being fed breakfast each day. ŒAfter a short period of time, the kids grades were not only improving, the school has become a model school in accomplishments and success in their community.


These aren’t just stories. They are first-hand transformational things God is doing, and they prove that communities, through the encouragement and support of vulnerable children, is changing entire countries! ŒWhen you see first hand the cultivation and holistic transformation in communities, you know God has me and our ministry going down the his path! If you want to be part of what God is doing to bring transformation and restoration to vulnerable communities around the world, consider making a one-time gift and partnering with HopeChest to change hearts, lives and communities.

God revealed a calling in my life that I am seeing fulfilled every day. God has a calling on all of our lives to do mighty things through the skills, passions, resources and knowledge he has given each one of us. What’s your calling?