Fourteen Life Lessons from Belaya Kholunitsa Orphanage in Russia

The Ministry Centers in Russia collectively serve as a “home away from home” for orphaned youth, young adults, and their young families. When orphaned children “graduate” from the orphanage at age 16, they are often left with no resources because they have not been taught how to survive outside of the orphanage when they are on their own. The programs offered at the Ministry Centers are designed to holistically  address their spiritual, emotional, physical, and medical needs as they are transitioning from life in an orphanage to a healthy, independent life surrounded by community.


Ministry Center staff and volunteers regularly visit the orphanages that we partner with so they can share encouragement, support, and life skill lessons to the vulnerable children.


Snapshots of orphanages that we partner with in the Kirov Region.


These are 14 life lessons that were shared with the children at Belaya Kholunitsa Orphanage that we can all meditate on as we begin the new year!



1) Hard Work Pays Most: Those who work the hardest typically achieve the most.


2) You Will Be Held Accountable for Your Actions: There is a certain set of rules or expectations by which everyone is expected to follow in society, work, university, and within families.  


3) You Are Special: We all have our unique talents and qualities that make us special.


4) Make the Most of Each Opportunity: Do not miss your good chance.


5) Organization Matters: Students who are organized have a much greater chance of being successful later on in life.


6) Pave Your Own Path: Every person determines their future through decision making over a long period of time.


7) Remain True to Yourself: Believe in yourself, trust your instincts, setting goals, and reach those goals without personal compromise.


8) Remain Trustworthy: Being trustworthy means that those around you believe that you will tell the truth, keep secrets (so long as they do not put others in danger), and will carry out tasks that you have promised to do.


9) Mistakes Provide Valuable Learning Opportunities: The greatest lessons in life result because of failures. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, but it is the lessons learned from those mistakes help make us who we are.


10) Differences should be Embraced: The world is full of unique and different people. These differences, no matter what they are, should be embraced and accepted.


11) Bad Decisions Lead to Serious Consequences: Decision making is a critical life lesson. We have the opportunity to make good decisions every day.


12) Good Decisions Lead to Success and Happiness: Making smart decisions is critical to individual success. Making a good decision does not necessarily mean it is the easiest decision. In many cases, it is going to be a harder decision.


13) Working Together Cooperatively Benefits Everyone: Teamwork is a valuable skill.


14) You Can Become Anything: Hope and believe that you can achieve and become anything if you work hard.




Snapshots of orphanages that we partner with in the Kirov Region.


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