HopeChest Partnership Leader Spotlight: Britany and Ryan, Alade Genet CarePoint

1. What kind of transformation have you seen at your CarePoint?

The most apparent transformation was the healthier appearance of the children. Many of their faces were filled out and their eyes held more life. It was remarkable! There was a new school classroom building as well as a new worship center under construction. HopeChest has also hired an amazing and energetic project coordinator, Adisu. He has implemented things we had been dreaming for the CarePoint’s future (without any word from us –That’s God!), like the Children’s Leadership Committee and committee for parents. Adisu has brought vision and a passion for God & discipleship to Alade Genet!

Our welcome

2. What are your dreams and hopes for your CarePoint?

Where do we start!? We have BIG dreams. Alade Genet needs a bathroom for the 300 children who attend school on CarePoint grounds but more immediate is the need for water. We are wishing, hoping and praying for the funds to begin construction on a beautiful, new water point SOON! We definitely want to see all 300 children sponsored but we also hope to see their guardians and community benefit from the program. It would be ideal to incorporate income generation activities for the area using their local resources. Ultimately, at the end of the day we want to see our kids and their community realize their worth in Jesus! For more disciples to be made and the name of Jesus to be famous in Awassa!
girls & school

3. If you were auditioning for The Voice, what song would you choose and who would you want to be your coach?

Britany-Ah! I would have to sing “Angel From Montgomery”, a bluesy, old John Prine song.

Definitely Pharrell! They man can sing, write and produce a mean album, he’s the better package:)

Ryan- “Poncho & Lefty” by Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson

I would choose Blake Shelton because he doesn’t take himself too seriously and seems the most laid back.

4. What is one word you would use to describe yourself?


Ryan- Servant

5. Tell us your about your favorite moment traveling to your CarePoint for the first time.

Britany-This is a hard one! I would have to say the evening we arrived at Alade Genet. The children were not there and we had an opportunity to meet Adisu and spend some time with the local leadership. Ryan and I were in complete and utter shock. The transformation was incredible. Seeing all their program implementation and tangible progress was almost more than my heart could bear. For the past year we had been sharing what would take place with prospective sponsors, only going on faith. But to see it with our own eyes was indescribable. The faithfulness, favor, and presence of God was evident and it fueled our hearts and gave us exactly what we needed to keep fighting!
Brit, Ry & Adisu @ coffee ceremony

Ryan-My favorite moment was was when our team washed the feet of all the children. With Yifrut’s help, Britany told the story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and explained that we were there to serve and love them. It was a time I felt most connected with them and they enjoyed it so much!

6. Why do you do what you do?

Because we can’t say no to God. Two years ago He gave a clear and undeniable command to care for the orphaned and vulnerable. What followed was a God-designed series of circumstances that led us to Children’s HopeChest and, more specifically, to Alade Genet. We knew to say “no” was to be in direct disobedience of God’s calling on our lives. Now that we’re here, its definitely for the love of the children and community of Alade Genet. They are in our hearts now, they’re our family! They inspire us every day to keep going and to do hard things!

7. What’s the biggest hurdle you have overcome as a HopeChest Partnership Leader?

Definitely engaging hearts in the midst of an apathetic culture. Some days it can make you want to pull your hair out. You want people to care like you do, you PRAY for the veil to be removed from their eyes so they can see what you see. BUT, even as I type this, I hear God telling me what He has from the beginning: “It’s not your job, it’s Mine! You are not the Holy Spirit, you cannot change hearts, only I can do that. Your job is just to be willing and available!”