How Investing in Hope Can Make a Difference

Restoring hope and dignity through highly relational partnerships is at the heart of what we do at HopeChest. Recently, we have hit a new milestone of helping 10,000 children through sponsorships around the world. This past year, we have seen incredible growth in new church and community partnerships, Mission and Vision Trips taken, letters written and we have seen relationships strengthened through our unique Community-to-Community model. We continue to witness communities, both in the US and overseas, flourish because of their partnership with one another.

How Investing in Hope Can Make a Difference, Children's HopeChest

In the past, there hasn’t been a way for individuals who have a heart for vulnerable children to get involved with the work HopeChest is doing outside of sponsorship or a community partnership.

But today that changes.

We are excited to introduce you “Invest in Hope”.  

Invest in Hope is a new initiative that brings together passionate individuals, united by their heart for vulnerable children, to bring holistic transformation to the the world’s most vulnerable communities.  Together we can empower communities to use what assets and resources they have to escape the cycle of poverty.

When you Invest in Hope your investment  goes to basic survival needs like food, and clean water; it goes toward disaster relief, like the drought in Swaziland; it goes toward vocational and life-skills training and education; and it allows us to invest in areas that have the greatest need. When you become an Investors in Hope, you provide the fuel that drives sustainable transformation. Will you join us us in our mission to ignite hope, restore dignity and bring sustainable transformation to developing countries around the world.