Imagine If

Imagine if your church was given all the tools it needed to help address the complex causes of poverty, including material, spiritual, emotional, social, economic, and educational needs. Your connection to the community overseas would empower local leaders to provide food, medical care and hope to their community, while sharing love and compassion.

Imagine if that community became like an extension of your church, and you became so close to that community, that two people in your congregation chose to get married overseas because they couldn’t picture the rest of their community not being at their wedding.

“Launch Day” at church is a time for celebration! It is a day when your church announces it’s partnership and members of the congregation have the opportunity to choose children to sponsor.
Left + Right: Center Point Church | Center: Ekklesia Church


Imagine if your school gave students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom – to get to know children their own age who live a life completely different from theirs. Your students step into new leadership opportunities while also becoming global-minded.

Imagine if your student body became unified and worked toward a global cause. Your students gain a passion for alleviating poverty while your school creates a culture known for hands on experiences, and for going above and beyond academic programs.


Imagine if your business wasn’t only about the bottom line, but was known for investing in global change. Your business could become a place where people love coming to work and your employee retention rate continues to rise as your employees find additional meaning in their work.. Your business could fund a well for safe water, or a new school building, and then you could visit your partnered community and actually see the changes that occur through your investment!

Imagine if your employees had the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world, building relationships and forming efficient teamwork practices.  Your employees become more gracious with each other as they learn more about one another through travel, and they are able to return to work more cohesive than before.

Imagine if you had all the tools it needed to be the change you want to see in the world. It’s hard making a dent on poverty by yourself, but imagine if your friends, or small group joined you! We can do more together.

Your community could connect with a community overseas, walking with them step-by-step while growing with giants of faith that stretch your understanding of the Kingdom of God. As your community begins to transform, you notice your partner community transforming as well.

Imagine if you were able to walk with local leaders and intimately learn about their culture—their strengths and challenges. Your long-term partnership with them allows you to see children grow into thriving and successful adults who invest back into their community and nation.

It’s amazing to witness the impact on lives while serving in Swaziland, and to witness similar growth happening at home through this ministry outreach…. We always say the people of Swaziland do more to help us than we can ever do to help them.” – Shane Kinne, HopeChest Partner Leader with Bhalekane CarePoint

All of these things are possible through our unique Community-to-Community model! Want to learn how you can ignite your church, school, business or friends to bring hope and healing to vulnerable children and their communities?  Start here