Interview with Bud Davis, Pastor at Commonground Church

HopeChest’s Community-to-Community model sets the foundation for our Survive, Thrive, and Succeed approach to transformation. Community transformation does not happen overnight; it takes time. That’s why we partner with churches and individuals in the US and Canada who commit to a long-term relationship with overseas communities.

These long-term relationships allow communities to really know each other, to be accountable to each other, and to plan and implement change on a level that would be impossible in a short-term interaction. HopeChest partners with over 100 churches and communities in the US to bring transformation to their church and to a community across the globe. Today, we want to introduce you to Bud Davis. Bud is the Lead Pastor at one of our partner churches, Commonground in Bridge City, Texas. Find out why his church formed a partnership with HopeChest and a CarePoint in Guatemala in today’s HopeChest Insights Interview.Œ

Why did your church choose to start an orphan care ministry? Why did you choose to partner with HopeChest?

Where to start?! God laid on my heart the words “Community-to-Community” as I began to pray about investing in international missions in a different way. I gave Joy (now our missions liaison to Guatemala) a link to a website that contains about 100 Christian mission organizations, and she came back to me with three or four for me to look at. The minute I opened HopeChest’s website, the words “Community-to-Community” popped up and I was sold! Of course, I investigated. After seeing what I was looking for and how I believed God was leading, I contacted HopeChest and set up a Vision Trip, which my wife Lori, Joy, and myself went on. We spent almost three days in Guatemala looking at CarePoints in need of partnership and Camino al Cielo stole our hearts. God confirmed this and we partnered with them.

Where have you seen transformation in your church community because of its partnership with your CarePoint? How have you seen transformation and growth at your CarePoint?

It has been revolutionary for our church to put flesh on missions through long-term relationships and selfless connections. We have become family with Camino al Cielo CarePoint and have seen them grow in hope, joy, and reassurance.

What are your hopes and dreams for your CarePoint?

Although we never want to let them go, our goal is that they become independently stable and spiritually established, not only personally, but as a force in their community. Œ

What has your partnership taught you?

I know the staff, children, and families connected to Camino al Cielo have been impacted, but at the end of the day it is US who have grown exactly as God promised.

Here’s my wife and I in our first photo with our sponsored child, Marcela: