Introducing, Greater Calling! Four Experts Weigh in on Corporate Social Responsibility

Children’s HopeChest is thrilled to announce Greater Calling! The purpose of Greater Calling is to enhance human connection and dignity in the world. 

Today’s most resonant companies  move beyond  the bottom line, doing more than simply offering a product or service.  Employees and customers are looking to business leaders and companies  to positively impact the world.  AUTHENTIC corporate social responsibility is becoming an expectation from consumers. Ninety percent of Gen Z believes companies must act to help social and environmental issues and 75% will do research to see if a company is being honest when it takes a stand on issues. (Porter Novelli/Cone’s 2019 Gen Z Purpose Study) Greater Calling wants to unleash community potential within emerging cultures and economies through impactful business partnerships.

Wil Crooks’ (Vice President of Strategic Partnerships) first guest, Jim Batten, has served in executive leadership roles at top-ranking companies such as CFO at O’Reilly Automotive, COO at AG Financial, and most recently is CFO at International Dehydrated Foods. Jim shares lessons he’s learned about corporate social responsibility and how it affects employee culture. He also provides insight on what business leaders should look for in a partner and how to create an effective culture of corporate social responsibility.

“Don’t just send them money and walk away. That’s easy to do, just write a check, but you leave a lot of benefits on the table when you do that. Plug in with them, get involved with them, and you’re going to enjoy it a lot more and make it a part of your organization.” Jim Batten

Sam Montero (Program Manager in Guatemala) has a passion for developing business initiatives in vulnerable communities and shares how business partnerships inspire and encourage entrepreneurship in Guatemala. Don’t miss his examples of how recent income-generating activities are transforming Guatemalan communities.

Wil’s final guest, Orion Netsanet (Partnership Development Representative) explains how Greater Calling Workshops can bring business leaders in a community together for networking and consulting on how they can make purpose a business strategy, not just a checkbox. 





Wil portrait circle Wil Crooks is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. He has three adopted children from Ghana. Wil has been immersed in creating healthy cross-cultural partnerships and development opportunities for over a decade. He believes businesses can increase their bottom line while positively transforming lives when they launch resources, expertise, and purpose into the world. Everyone wants to be a part of something greater than themselves and the workplace is the perfect place for this to happen. 



Jim and his daughterJim Batten joins us from just outside of Springfield, Missouri. Jim has served in executive  leadership roles at top-ranking companies such as CFO at O’Reilly Automotive, he was also the COO at AG Financial and most recently is CFO at International Dehydrated Foods. In addition to working in the corporate sector, Jim spent time leading in the international nonprofit space, serving impoverished families and their children. His success is driven by his love for people all around the world.


 Samuel Montero is a Program Manager in Guatemala. In this position, he oversees projects and programs at CarePoints, mentoring CarePoint leaders and community entrepreneurs. He also helps people to achieve restoration in a theological way, but at the same time give them hope and answers for their basic needs, going beyond just physical needs to help them succeed in life through economic empowerment initiatives, empowering them to create small businesses.


Orion portraitOrion Netsanet considers it his mission and privilege to amplify and elevate the voice of the vulnerable. As Partnership Development Representative, he does this through speaking with individuals who are also passionate about advocating for vulnerable children and families around the world. He attended Michigan State University, where he studied political science and pre-law. Orion is leading the charge with Greater Calling Workshops. Learn more at 


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