Empowered Generation: Unleashing the Potential of Older Youth with Pastor Jim Cords

Welcome back to the “Fueling the Future” series, where we explore the importance of investing in today’s youth and empowering the leaders of tomorrow. In this exciting episode, we feature Pastor Jim Cords from St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church in San Jose, California. Together, we’ll dive into their partnership with Chapa CarePoint in Ethiopia, with a unique emphasis on young adult sponsorship. Pastor Jim shares why it was important for St. Timothy’s to join forces with an organization that prioritizes investing in this age group, beyond just young children. Join us as we discuss a wide range of topics such as holistic community development and when helping hurts. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

"My hope is that we will enter into this partnership as learners and listeners who will gain a new appreciation for faith as it's expressed by our Ethiopian friends, and that we will be able to recognize the Biblical truth that we're blessed to be a blessing, not only us to them, but them to us."

As Pastor Jim Cords joins us for this enlightening episode, we have the privilege of gaining invaluable insights into the remarkable journey of empowering teenagers and young adults and cultivating enduring relationships that span over a decade. Throughout this engaging conversation, Pastor Jim shares his personal experiences and compelling examples, shedding light on the profound impact of investing in young adults and its contribution to sustainable development. 

This episode serves as a testament to the transformative power of investing in the future leaders of tomorrow.

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