“This Program is the Future of Uganda”

When you empower a future leader, you empower a community. Meet Josephine, Fred, and Vicky, three remarkable individuals who have gone through HopeChest’s Uganda Leadership Development Program. 

The Uganda Leadership and Development Program (UGLDP) equips Ugandans (ages 15-30) with extensive leadership skills that:

  • empower young people in the Teso sub-region
  • equip youth to lead  with skills that promote community transformation
  • promote development of entrepreneurs 
  • develop self-awareness, confidence, and personality strength

This leadership training is life-changing, and creates a ripple of impact within Ugandan communities which have been affected by over 20 years of insurgency and poverty. As Country Director of Uganda, Joseph, says, “This program is the future of Uganda.” Our world needs service-minded, compassionate, efficient leaders. Hear how three Ugandans’ stories transformed from despair to community leadership.

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Josephine standing in front of a flowering plant, smiling

Josephine is the youngest of four siblings, who were all raised by their single mother. Before going through UGLDP, Josephine describes her world view as dangerous. She feared her future and could only see how negative circumstances were shaping her life. In 2017 she was accepted into the UGLDP and experienced transformational hope not only for herself, but for her entire country.

“Words alone can’t express how grateful I am to all the hands that give to this prestigious course. They have been such a marvelous blessing not only to I, but to all those who have the opportunity to go through UGLDP. One may never fully understand how exceedingly valuable the leadership and entrepreneurship training is until they pass through it. I can proudly boast of its goodness, and I sincerely wish the whole of Africa knew what I know now, then it would be a better place to live in. I can be the change that I desire. It all starts with me. I preach the leadership gospel with every single opportunity I get.

To everyone who gives toward this great course, your effort is not in vain and your resources are being put to great use. Please continue doing the same so that many more of us can have the same opportunity, so as to transform Africa.”

Today Josephine works as Project Assistant at Kaberamaido CarePoint.  She does her work with excellence each day, viewing her challenges as opportunities for her to explore. She is a mentor to Ugandan youth to see that their lives are valuable, and they can each make a difference in the world.

Empower a young woman like Josephine to lead her community – hopechest.org/ugandaleadership



Portrait of Fred standing in front of a bush and smiling

Fred was 12 years old when his father was killed instantly by a large truck on his way home from work. Since that day he and his mom have had the responsibility of caring for his seven younger siblings. As the oldest child, his mom prioritized his education, but even after he graduated, work was difficult to find because he did not have the five years of practical, hands-on experience that most employers wanted. 

Fred shared, ”I lost hope, became frustrated, and concluded I was a failure. I decided not to continue with job searching and spent much of my time in the church as I waited for my death.” In that despair, someone told Fred about HopeChest’s Uganda Leadership Development Program. He applied and was selected to be part of the training.

“The training impacted my life and completely changed my thinking. I began to set goals to achieve in life while I was still in the training, especially when we were handling the topics of goal setting and productivity principles. Not only that, but ‘work for a living’ training topic changed my thoughts and instilled new ideas of understanding how to handle life. Where there is a challenge, never hesitate to face it and do not give up on anything. Continue to press on. You will achieve your goal.”

One month after graduating from UGLDP, Fred applied for a job at HopeChest, and now works as Project Coordinator at Bukedea CarePoint. It was due to the practical knowledge secured from UGLDP. My life has totally changed. I am able to take care of my wife and two children,  and my siblings.

Fred’s dreams for the future are to have his own well-constructed home and a bookshop business, as well as continuing to fulfil his dream of supporting orphaned and vulnerable children in his community.

Empower a young man like Fred to gain hope and lead youth in their community – hopechest.org/ugandaleadership



Vicky standing in front of a tree, smiling

Vicky grew up in a family with seven children, of which she was the oldest girl. Education has always been a priority for Vicky, but it has also been a challenge. Luckily, Vicky has had several mentors in her life who believed in her abilities and supported her through her education. After graduating school in 2019, she applied for UGLDP and was accepted.  

“I thank God so much for the founders of the UGLPD training, which offered me knowledge on topics like financial management, ‘work For a living,’ character, work ethic, professionalism, time management and self-management, among others. As I talk now I can’t fail to pass any interview, I have learnt to save my own finances, and manage my own self. Not only that, I have also learned to deal with different personalities at work and in a community where I stay, managing time is now a key aspect in my life which I used to ignore before I went through this training. Above all this training has enabled me to take hold of my core values of life like honesty, trustworthiness, and hard work which I can’t do without in life and this has made me stand firm in whatever I do.

I  want to bless the name of God for his unfailing love and favor that made me be given the opportunity to attend UGLDP. I do extend my thanks to the organizers and the funders of this program, which has left me a changed citizen. For I believe that because of the greater achievements that I have gained from UGLDP, may the same God continue to use the funders of this training to touch other souls as well.”

Vicky leads her community as Project Assistant at Ochuloi CarePoint, where she mentors youth and supports their ambitions and talents just as hers were supported years ago. 

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