Mental Health Fact Sheets

Mental illness and health are human rights issues and need to be discussed in today’s world. These mental health fact sheets give us an overview of how mental illness affects people. Understanding how mental illness affects people around the world can help us better solve the mental health crisis we are in.

You’ll receive…

  • An anxiety fact sheet with global statistics 
  • Information on substance abuse
  • Insight into the symptoms and statistics of depression
mental health fact sheets

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Children's HopeChest equips leaders in developing countries with emotional health and wellness training designed to help those that are suffering from the effects of poverty, grief, or trauma.
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Mental health is a human rights issue and impacts everyone. Caring for people who suffer from mental illness or addiction can change the world and the lives of people around the world. If you want to be a part of global mental health initiatives, Children’s Hope Chest is paving the way for better mental health across the globe.