Powerful Partnerships

Colegio de Israel is an amazing school spreading the love for education and Jesus throughout Tecpan, Guatemala. Our church, 1910 Church, in Boerne, Texas, is privileged to partner with them in making this possible for any child regardless of economic status.

In addition to envisioning a school with life-changing educational opportunities, the staff of Colegio de Israel long for every student to have access to medical and dental care when needed. Guatemala does not offer any government funded care and most students are too poor to see a doctor regularly.

Powerful Partnerships | HopeChest Guatemala

1910 Church was blessed to be able to send a team in July comprised of physicians, a registered nurse, a dentist, a licensed counselor, and support team members who came alongside the local providers to connect with the kids and their families as they waited for their appointments. Together, medical providers identified problems, provided free medication, arranged for local follow-up care for those who needed it, and most importantly, showed the love of Jesus to these families by being His healing hands.

Powerful Partnerships | HopeChest Guatemala

The team identified many emotional needs during the medical appointments, which our counselor followed up on, beginning the process of healing for many suffering in silence in a culture where you don’t typically discuss personal problems or hardships with others. We were encouraged to see how committed the staff leadership of Colegio de Israel is, following up with these kids to be sure they are receiving the needed guidance and support locally, whether medically or emotionally. We look forward to returning next summer to follow up with these students, their families, and the school staff to see how they are doing and continue to do what we can to help, as we partner together.

Powerful Partnerships | HopeChest Guatemala

One very special part of the trip for my family was being able to meet our eight-year-old sponsored child and her family.  My husband was able to come alongside her family in finding an alternative treatment plan for a medical issue she’s been struggling with since birth and provide her with a one-year supply of medicine.

Powerful Partnerships | HopeChest Guatemala
We visited her home and connected with her family through our conversation and prayer time as they shared prayer concerns and needs.  We truly feel a bond with this sweet family and a much deeper connection after having spent quality time with them in their home. Our family picture hangs in their home and now the family photo they gave us hangs in our home. I love how the Lord has bound not just our families together across borders, but our church community here with the entire community in Guatemala. HopeChest’s Community-to-Community model is truly unique. The ability for our community at 1910 church to partner together with Colegio de Israel and witness God’s hand in transforming lives on both sides is a blessing, and we are thankful to be a part of it.
Powerful Partnerships | HopeChest Guatemala

The bond we feel extends beyond our sponsored child’s family to the entire staff and student body at Colegio de Israel.  The relationships forged and friendships made, young and old, have endeared this special group of people to us forever. We hope to return to Tecpan yearly so we can continue to come alongside the Lord in the good work He is doing at Colegio Israel. We are humbled and privileged to call them our friends and family now. May the Lord keep His hand of favor and blessing upon them all!


The CARES Act allows your donation to protect vulnerable children, while also qualifying you for an additional charitable deduction of up to $300.

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