A Day in the Life of 3 Program Coordinators in Ethiopia | Part Two

We hope that you enjoyed part one of our Ethiopia Program Coordinator “a day in the life” series!

This week we are releasing part two of Rachel Andrews’ (VP of Community Partnerships) interview with Fikre, Yared, and Alex. Combined, they have 25 years of experience leading communities in Ethiopia.

Fikre, Yared, and Alex smiling in a group
Fikre, Yared, and Alex (from left to right)

In this engaging episode, they share how they see North American partners experiencing transformation, their vision for Children’s HopeChest in 10 years, and stories of children who have impacted their lives. We hope you enjoy listening to the insight of these three remarkable leaders in Ethiopia.

What I learned from her is that we can make a difference. No matter what situation a child is in, we can lift from the deep poverty — from nothing to something — by giving hope. ” Fikre



Sitting in the interviewer’s seat is Rachel Andrews, who has been working with HopeChest for 20 years. As VP of Community Partnerships, Rachel leads the team responsible for managing all aspects of community partnerships, both locally and internationally. She also travels frequently to our overseas offices and CarePoints around the globe for ongoing relationship building.



Portrait of Fikre smiling


Fikre has been working with Children’s HopeChest Ethiopia for over 10 years. His tenderness, intentionality, and encouragement are valuable resources to HopeChest’s head office and the thousands of children he advocates for at HopeChest Ethiopia’s CarePoints.


Yared has been working with Children’s HopeChest Ethiopia for four and a half years. He provides great insight to HopeChest’s head office and is driven, focused, and intentional.



Alex has been working with Children’s HopeChest Ethiopia for nearly 10 years. He has five children, and has a big heart which leads him to feel like a father to the 4,000+ children served at CarePoints in Ethiopia. He is a constant learner and a deep thinker and contributes to HopeChest’s success on a daily basis.



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