Silver’s Story

Like many children in poverty, Silver had little hope for the future. When he was eleven, his father passed away, and he was forced to try and find a way to provide for his younger siblings. Silver began to do something he didn’t think was possible. He began to dream.

First, Silver decided that he wanted a sponsor. Because younger children at the CarePoint seemed to find sponsors faster, Silver set out to make a name for himself as one of the respected older boys in the program. With the help of CarePoint workers, he was connected with a sponsor and began to explore his God-given talents.

Silver had always been interested in electronics. He began by building his own radio. Then, he built his own cell phone watch. His determined spirit inspired him to start his own business repairing radios, televisions, watches, computers and phones. Several years later, he started Vision Media 106 FM. It’s the only radio station in the Burkea district, and Silver uses this platform to share the Gospel and preach about child advocacy.

Today, Silver’s business is now doing so well that he has saved enough money to buy a cow and better provide for his siblings. “I am empowered and encouraged by the support Children’s HopeChest has offered me,” Silver says. “I am pursuing my future goals and have faith that I will be a great man. Currently, I am pursuing a certificate in Engineering and believe that I will continue until I acquire a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering. That is my dream.”

It’s a big dream—one that began with hope and will continue with big changes in his community. CarePoint staff and their US Partner could not has planned for this creative young man. Neither can we.