Resta at a marketplace table with fruits and fresh food

“From Grass to Grace:” A single mom’s story of entrepreneurial transformation

Resta and her two children live in Uganda in the town of Kabale, near the border of Rwanda and a little over 260 miles from Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. 

Resta is ambitious, hard-working, and driven to provide a great life and opportunities for her children. Most parents want to be able to care for their children and see them grow up confidently and healthily. Whenever families can begin to earn money to support themselves, a sense of dignity returns and they are able to depend less on others.  

As a single mom, Murole CarePoint has been a valuable resource in her life. Aside from taking some of the weight off of her shoulders by providing critical support for her children, the CarePoint has also offered opportunities for her to become involved in income-generating projects and vocational training.

Her son, Junior, attends the CarePoint and receives nutritional, educational, medical, and spiritual support. He has big dreams, just like his mom, and wants to become a doctor.  


Portrait of Junior in a red shirt
Resta’s son, Junior


The first income-generating activity that Resta enrolled in was mushroom-growing. She was trained on how to grow mushrooms, sell them, and manage her finances from the sales. With the money she earned, she began paying for some of her family’s basic needs. 

“I had lost all my hope due to the challenges I was encountering in my family, but the support from Children’s HopeChest has greatly transformed my life,” she explained. 

Through joining the CarePoint’s Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA), she was then able to start a small business through small loans! Resta has a stall in the town’s trading center where she sells fresh food and fruits. A true entrepreneur, she did not stop there, but also registered herself to be enrolled in the tailoring project at the CarePoint. 


Resta at a cloth, sewing table
Resta, participating in tailoring training


After her husband passed away, continuing to rent housing was a challenge. Recently, with the support of her income-generating activities, Resta was able to buy a piece of land as well as well as construct a semi-permanent house! She shared with CarePoint staff that she is excited about the skills she is acquiring through Murole. Her dream is that she will be able to meet the needs of her two children. 

“Which school would I have joined, to acquire different skills at my old age? I am grateful to God for uplifting me from grass to grace. I used to earn money after toiling in planting Irish potatoes or working in people’s gardens. I was trained in Mushroom growing at Murole CarePoint. I started growing them and would harvest everyday and earn some money. I am now being trained in tailoring and garment cutting, and I believe I will be able to attain the skill and buy my own tailoring machine that will help me earn regularly. How great and loving is my Lord! My children will not lack. Glory be to God,” said Resta.

Thank you for being a part of the important work of empowering caregivers to provide for their children. We believe in dignity not dependence, and transformation not transaction. Your investments in this crucial work are making a worldwide difference in the lives of determined people like Resta and her son, Junior.