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How Are Children Around the World Spending Their Time in Quarantine?

During the coronavirus pandemic, children around the world are finding new ways to spend their time while in quarantine. Children who attend HopeChest CarePoints are resourceful and ambitious, so it is no surprise that many of them have found impactful opportunities during lockdown! 


They Organize Sports at an Orphanage

boys in Russia playing soccer in a field
Boys at Pokrov Orphanage playing soccer

When HopeChest’s partnered orphanages in Russia had to restrict all visitors due to COVID-19, two orphanage graduates stepped up.⁠

Yan and Alexei lived at Pokrov Orphanage when they were young and after leaving at age 16, have returned and invested time and energy into encouraging the children living there.⁠

For a while, they stayed at the orphanage and helped the caregivers during the pandemic. Yan has been coaching the orphanage’s soccer team and organizing different sports activities for the children. This has been keeping the children active and helping them keep their minds on positive things.⁠

The orphanage staff are grateful for their involvement and for being caring mentors to the children.⁠ HopeChest is encouraged by the impact that young leaders are making during this time!


They Help Their Parents at Home


What does eight-year-old Marelin do when she has to stay home because of coronavirus?⁠

She helps her parents!⁠

During the lockdown in Guatemala, Cuyotenango CarePoint staff have heard amazing stories about children wanting to be a light by serving others. ⁠

“Marelin helps us at home. She helps at home even if I don’t ask her to do it. We are very surprised to see how active she is at home. As parents, we feel proud to have her as our daughter. She is an example for her little sisters,” says Marelin’s mother.


They Support Their Community

A boy in Ethiopia smiles

Dereje is a boy who attends the Alade Genet CarePoint in Ethiopia and is a fantastic soccer player. Because of the pandemic, he has not been able to play soccer, or do many of the other activities he loves. 

With the extra time he has had during the pandemic, he has found a way to support his community. He has been preparing hand washing water and soap and teaching community members how to properly wash their hands to prevent the spread of COVID-19! The community is so thankful that he is providing hand washing on the street. Dereje is a great leader for thinking of a way to serve and teach his community how to stay healthy and safe.

“God bless and protect all nations from the virus,” says Dereje.


They Memorize Bible Verses

Three photos of children with their book of Bible stories
The three recent winners of the Bible verse challenge! Angeline (left), Lesbia (center), and Maria (right)

The Pueblo Modelo CarePoint in Guatemala began an innovative discipleship program about two months ago to continue to engage with children during the pandemic. 

The children were challenged to memorize 15-20 Bible verses and send a recorded video  to the CarePoint of themselves reciting the verses. Seven children in total have so far accomplished this feat and won a book of Bible stories!

 All of the three recent winners were daughters of members of the Pueblo Modelo sewing group! These girls and their mothers worked as a team to memorize the verses and win their valuable prize. Now that’s taking advantage of time during the pandemic!


They Study Hard

A girl in Ethiopia holding a stack of books
Skedar and her study material

Skedar is a bright 17-year-old in Ethiopia who is studying hard to achieve her dream of being a doctor.  

Her father was an inspiration to her and always encouraged her to value education. It was devastating for her family when he passed away this year. Skedar’s step-father does not place a priority on education as her father did, and since school buildings are closed during the pandemic, Skedar has been busy on house chores. This has affected her ability to study and she sought support from the Sebeta Guenet CarePoint to help her get back on track. CarePoint staff discussed the importance of Skedar’s education with her mom and offered to provide the materials she needs to succeed in at-home schooling.

Now Skedar’s mom is permitting her study at home during the pandemic and she is once again able to focus on her education and work hard toward her dreams!



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