Sponsorship Spotlight

Two summers ago I traveled for the first time to Ethiopia with Calvary Church from Los Gatos, California. They had entered into a partnership with HopeChest and local Church/School in the city of Awasa, called Hitata Guenet. While there, we ran a 5-day VBS program, and my fiancé and I led a group of older kids from age 12-16.


We fell in love with the kids, the school, the church, the community, and the people.  A few of the kids were able to communicate a little in English, but most of the time we had to use a translator.  When we got home, I heard that one of the boys, Getahun Gadebo (13) had lost his sponsor, so I immediately signed up to be his new monthly sponsor.  He was one of the tallest there, very artistic, athletic, and kind.

This past summer I was able to attend again, and Getahun and I worked together every day.  He was the student leader of the group I helped lead this year, and he was very helpful, polite, and looked up to by the other kids.  The highlight of the trip this year was the home visits we were able to make to meet our sponsored children’s families.

When I met Getahun’s father, mother, two brothers, and two sisters, we immediately felt a spiritual connection.  I brought them gifts of cooking oil, sugar, and soap, and some sportswear for Getahun.  They were so thankful!  We prayed together, cried together, and hugged each other.  Mr. Gadebo said, “You are a second father to my children, and you halve my burden through your sponsorship of Getahun.” Wow!  I realized that I have lifted up this whole family by partnering with Children’s HopeChest in this endeavor. I look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

Dan Atwell
Children’s HopeChest Sponsor