The Mechanics of Hope: This school provides more than an education

At many Children’s HopeChest CarePoints, schools are also more than just a place to receive an education. Each layer of support offered at CarePoints builds a foundation of stability. This is especially true in Guatemala at the My Special Treasure Educational Center (MSTEC), which is a Christian school dedicated to providing holistic support for children whose parents work in the local garbage dump.

Meet Dairyn, the Woman Leading Pueblo Modelo in Guatemala

I would like to  see people living with dignity. Living with the values of the Kingdom of God, with a lot of opportunities  for all and to be a model for other communities. A leafy and stable tree that produces a lot of fruit, that gives many benefits to nature, that produces life and that is a symbol of hope and rest.

Guatemala’s New “Model Villages” and What They Mean for Local Communities

Children’s HopeChest comes alongside local leaders in Guatemala to create CarePoints that are safe places with holistic programs for the children and their communities.  We work with communities to help them break the bondages of poverty and receive healing and health in their relationships. At the CarePoints, we incorporate all aspects of wellbeing, including children’s …

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