Three Stories of Hope

As Content Manager, three of my favorite types stories to read in monthly reports are stories of a child moving from survival to health, a child unlocking their potential by receiving educational support, and children being able to move through their pain and have hope for the rest of their lives by processing their trauma and grief.


I invite you to join us in spreading the hope that we have in Christ as you read three ways that you can ignite hope for vulnerable children and their families this Christmas!



Starvation, dehydration, preventable diseases, and water contamination are unfortunately very normal forces that shape many children’s lives. Many children can only think of one singular problem — where to find food and water. No child should have to want for food or clean water. Your support allows us to bring these basics for survival to those who need it most. A gift of $35 can provide flour and beans for a household for a month!

Your meaningful gift can impact the lives of children like Mcedisi and his siblings.  

Mcedisi is a strong and compassionate 16-year-old boy who is the head of his family in Eswatini. His parents are both living and work hard, but they are employed far away, so they come home roughly every two months. While his parents are away, Mcedisi takes care of his six younger siblings, who all attend the CarePoint.

The daily meals that his siblings eat at the CarePoint help him not to steal since he knows that they are eating a nutritious meal. The emotional support and mentorship that he gains at the CarePoint also helps him to keep a positive perspective, to keep moving forward, and to always try his best in school because of the plans that God has for his future.

When children like Mcedisi know that his siblings will eat consistent and nutritious meals, they can focus on their education or vocational skills. Instead of working daily to survive, they can look toward their bright future.



Many of the children we serve are unable to attend school because they are the heads of their household, traveling to school is dangerous for them, or simply because their family cannot afford the school fees. Education is one key to breaking the cycle of poverty and gaining life-altering opportunities. Just $50 can provide a year of school fees and supplies for a child in primary school!

Your support empowers children like Ervin to explore their potential and gain access to educational and vocational training opportunities.

Ervin is an 8-year-old boy living in Guatemala who is friendly and kind and wants to be a fireman when he grows up!

A few years ago, Ervin’s mother left him with his grandmother, Elda. Elda is a hard worker and strives to give her grandson a good childhood. She washes clothes for people in her community to gain some money to meet their basic needs, but her health problems are a large expense for them. Because of this, they do not have the money to send Ervin to school.

Even at eight years old, Ervin knows how important an education is for his success. He decided to go to his local CarePoint and ask for educational support. Now Ervin is happily attending school and even receives a nutritious meal once a day from the CarePoint!

When children like Ervin receive educational support from a CarePoint, they not only have more opportunities to excel in school, but they also have access to consistent nutrition and mentors who pour encouragement into their lives.



Trauma and grief can be paralyzing, but we know that through Christ, redemption and healing is possible. We can play a small part in the plans that God has to ignite hope and restore dignity for the world’s most vulnerable children and young adults.

Making a donation this Christmas can help young adults like Borislav find hope and understand how their grief has affected them.

Ministry Centers in Russia provide numerous resources for orphanage graduates and young adults facing crisis situations. This year, older youth completed a test on emotions given by the Ministry Center counselor. The participants drew a diagram of their aggression by answering various questions and learning how to identify their triggers.

“I loved the test on emotions. I often find myself in a situation when everything gets on my nerves, but I don’t know what to do. Thanks to this test I could see what caused my anger and frustration and I think I will handle it better in the future. Borislav, Russian orphanage graduate

When young adults like Borislav are able to better understand how they are impacted by their grief and life experiences, they are able to work past those hurdles and gain tools to excel in personal relationships, education, and work opportunities.

As God continues to renew hope and restore dignity to vulnerable children and their families, we invite you to work alongside us. When you make a meaningful gift to Children’s HopeChest, you are supporting children like Ervin, who is able to receive educational support and work toward his vast potential. Children’s HopeChest invests in people and their immense potential.


This holiday season, join us in igniting hope.