Three Success Stories From The Cuyotenango CarePoint

The Cuyotenango CarePoint is one of HopeChest’s Guatemalan CarePoints, located in the southwest region of the country. Families in Cuyotenango often struggle to acquire income and adequate nutrition- the chronic malnutrition rate in the region is 33%. However, due to HopeChest’s efforts to implement a Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) and a chicken coop training project, we have been able to see real change in the people’s lives. Here are three success stories straight from the Cuyotenango community! 

Jessenia’s Story

Jessenia is a single mom with two children. She has a business selling ice cream, and had a long-term goal to acquire new equipment for her kitchen. By becoming part of the VSLA group at the CarePoint, she was able to realize that goal. Now, she has been saving the profit she’s earned in order to renovate her house. The VSLA program has encouraged other families to start new businesses as well, and has helped them set goals for themselves and their futures. Jessenia has a new vision for her family now, thanks to Children’s HopeChest.

Amalia’s Story

Amalia is also a single mother. She has encountered a number of difficulties in her life, but has never stopped working hard to improve her children’s lives. She is very grateful to HopeChest for the support and relief they gave her during the pandemic. Her children’s lives were blessed from the benefit programs offered by the CarePoint. Amalia is also one of the women chosen to be part of the first chicken coop project, which trained women to build and maintain their own coops and raise chickens. Amalia has been able to sell what she’s produced from her chicken coop and provide income for her family! 

Rosa’s Story

Rosa lives with her husband and children. During the pandemic, Rosa and her husband struggled to find work and stable income for their family. However, because Rosa had been part of the VSLA program months ago, she was able to use what she had saved to support her family through this difficult time. She was able to cover all of her family’s debts, because Rosa learned the importance of good finance management. Now, Rosa is part of the second VSLA group at the CarePoint, and is empowered to support her family with her new skills. Even her children have a piggy bank now as they learn from her! “I am grateful to the CarePoint for the opportunity to take part in the different projects and programs,” Rosa said. 


It’s always heartening to see our life-changing impact in the lives of families across the globe. Not only were these women’s immediate needs taken care of, but their family’s futures have been enriched. We can’t wait to hear more stories of success in the future!