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Your Top 5 HopeChest Blogs of 2019!

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Before we dive headfirst into 2020, we want to pause and share the top five blogs of 2019. Enjoy!


An Ethiopian family sits in their home

Three Photography Tips for Capturing Hope and Dignity

Photography can be an incredible avenue for sharing stories and capturing memories with friends. Ethiopia HopeChest partner, Carrie Bowers, a professional photographer and advocate, shares three tips on how to take photos while visiting friends at your CarePoint.

Carrie shares some incredibly helpful do’s and don’t’s with hope and dignity leading the direction of each tip. This post is a wonderful resource if you have ever wondered, “Is this an appropriate moment to take a photo?”


Simon sits at a desk after the interview

Interview with Uganda’s Sponsorship and Communications Manager

In 2019, HopeChest launched “Build Relationships. Break Poverty.,”  a podcast that challenges the Western perception of international poverty by elevating the voices of local leaders and processing how we can help to alleviate poverty without harming those living in vulnerable communities. 

Every second Tuesday of the month we published a new episode! 

This episode is with Simon Okello, Uganda’s Sponsorship and Communications Manager. You won’t want to miss this dynamic conversation with one of Uganda’s remarkable leaders.


Ugandan children stand in a beautiful marsh scenery

Five Ways that HopeChest Cares for the Earth

This year we celebrated the planet that we all call home. As inhabitants of this world, we recognize the need to be good stewards of our resources. 

To celebrate Earth Day, we  highlighted five ways that HopeChest CarePoints and partnered orphanages take care of our planet — from income-generating activities to initiatives started by CarePoint children who are environmentally innovative.

Plus, we shared what we do here at HopeChest headquarters to reduce our waste and contribute locally!


Guatemalan children sit outside at school desks


Guatemala’s New “Model Villages” and What They Mean for Local Communities

In 2019 we announced an exciting new initiative in Guatemala that is being lead by innovative local leaders who are passionate about alleviating poverty in their communities.

This post is written by Sam Montero, Guatemala’s Program Manager, who is overseeing the strategy of “Pueblo Modelos” (Model Villages) in Guatemala. Sam has a passion for connecting individuals to entrepreneurship opportunities that ignite hope and restore dignity. 

(PS: You can find the other two blogs in the “Pueblo Modelo Trilogy!,” here and here!) 


HopeChest employee stands in front of tunnel

How Escaping a Riot Led Me to Work at Children’s HopeChest

Some of our favorite stories are told right here at Children’s HopeChest headquarters. 

Each of our staff members have followed a unique path that has led them to work at HopeChest. Last summer we welcomed many new staff members, but this blog highlights the story of David Edson, HopeChest’s Strategic Partnership Director. In this role, David speaks with community leaders about how they can join the fight against the cycle of poverty.

Our paths to working toward our unified passion of alleviating poverty are as unique as we are human. David’s begins with escaping a riot.


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