Re-engaging: We asked children what they miss about their HopeChest Friends

We are a community that believes in authentic connection. 

When someone signs up to be a HopeChest Friend, they have the opportunity to build a unique relationship with a child and their community overseas! These relationships have the potential to be deeply meaningful and transformative. This year we’ve all experienced the disappointment of not being able to be physically close to people we care about to keep each other safe during the pandemic.

If you are sponsoring a child, we want you to know that your HopeChest Friend misses you! We asked children from each country what, specifically, they miss about their HopeChest Friends this year.



Bersufekad and his HopeChest Friend, Orion

“I miss playing different games, eating together, taking pictures like selfies, hugging you, especially when you hug me… I miss you everyday. I wish that you were here to be with me.” Bersufekad, Ukro CarePoint

Selamawit and her HopeChest Friend, Faith

“Every single day I miss you. Some things I miss doing with you, like playing different games, taking pictures, visiting my community by car, singing songs, you giving a lot of care for me and my mother, conversations I have with you, and I miss your hug and being close to you.” Selamawit, Ukro CarePoint


“I miss my best friend, who cares for me.” Mentesnot, Merkato CarePoint


“I miss the family who has compassion and true love for me.” Zehara, Merkato CarePoint


“I miss my best friend who gave me hope.” Aman, Merkato CarePoint




“I miss the company, motherly love, care, and advice from my HopeChest Friend, Janice. She is full of fun, and one will never get bored as long as you are with her. My friend has a kind heart. She makes me feel special, and full of hope for life. I never experienced such love and care in my life when I was growing up. Whenever Janice comes, I spend quality time with her. She doesn’t misunderstand my words or meaning. She tells me the truth about life, especially working hard at school, and being a girl of integrity.” Grace, Wera CarePoint


“My HopeChest Friend, Elizabeth, is my role model. I have learned love for God and people from her. Hard work, commitment, determination, and excellence, among others are some of the attributes that I also learned from Elizabeth. I was inspired to excel in my studies, so that I can become a medical doctor like her. I miss the beautiful smiles of my friend, and working conducting medical check-ups of children at the CarePoint like in the previous trip. I also miss having fun dancing and playing together.” Veronica, Kaberamaido CarePoint


“My HopeChest Friend’s name is Caeden. He last visited in January 2020. I miss the beautiful times walking with him to our home, his company, and playing with him.” Paul, Ogoloi CarePoint




“Several years ago I met a girl from America. Her name is Melissa. She has been to Russia many times — that’s why we were able to get to know each other well. I always miss her positivity and her smile. I like to spend time with her. She is very cheerful and she is a good friend. Every time we see each other we give different presents that remind us about our friendship. We have not seen each other for a long time due to the situation in the world, but I really hope that it will end soon and we will be able to see each other, walk around the beautiful city of Kostroma, and have a wonderful time together.” Zhenya, Kostroma CarePoint

“I miss my HopeChest Friend a lot. He is smart and he is fun. And he is mine.” Raya, Kostroma Orphanage

“I love having a HopeChest Friend. I feel special that I got to meet her in person! I remember all the joy, laughter, and fun we had at the orphanage every time our HopeChest Friends came to visit us. I miss that. I also know that she is praying for me. That thought gives me peace.” Nastya, Kameshkovo orphanage 

“I really miss my HopeChest Friends. They are like family to me. There are things in my life that I can share with them only! I met them when I was in sixth grade at Lukhtonovo Orphanage. They have been supporting me since then. They couldn’t come to Russia because of COVID-19. It made me very sad. We try to keep in touch of course, but it is not the same. My HopeChest Friends taught me to pray and trust God. That’s what I am doing right now – hoping and praying that this virus will stop spreading, and my Friends will be able to come back and visit me here.” Jenya, Vladimir CarePoint 



“I had the opportunity for my HopeChest Friend to visit me here. They have been a great support for my life. Their prayers have been a great blessing to me and without them I would not have been able to get to where I am finishing my studies. I thank God for having them and for the opportunity to meet them. They are a happy and united family who love Jesus Christ. I give thanks to God because I know that I am part of their family too. What I miss the most from seeing them is having the opportunity to tell them what is happening in my life and knowing that they are praying for me.” Evelin, Colegio Israel CarePoint


“My HopeChest Friend’s name is Danny. When he came to my house, I was incredibly happy and grateful to God for the opportunity to meet him. Through a video call I could meet his daughters too. I would like to see him again, so I can give him a big hug. I miss talking to him, playing with him, and having fun together. He is a good friend. He is kind and friendly. For me it is important to have a HopeChest Friend, because he prays for me and I can pray for him and his family. Thank you for your support to continue with my studies. I hope God greatly blesses him and his family.” Angie, Colegio Israel CarePoint


“What I miss the most is that they came to visit us at my house and talk to them. He always comes to my house to visit me when he comes to Guatemala. We love you so much! We are grateful for your support. We hope that God continues to bless you.” Estiven, Oasis de Amor CarePoint






“The one thing I miss the most is how much fun I have whenever they are around. I really miss my friends from the USA. I miss seeing them and playing games with them. I am praying they come to visit us again next year.”  Phumlile, Ludlati CarePoint


“I miss my friends so much, I felt like this year was boring without them. What I miss most are the treats and the love we normally get when they’re around. I really hope to see them again and I pray they are all doing well.” Lindani, Ludlati CarePoint




This year, we learned what it meant to be a global community.

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