Uganda Leadership Development Program

Uganda needs strong leaders to rise up!

Oftentimes, impoverished communities in Uganda are unable to create change because of poor leadership. Quite often, impoverished communities in Uganda face the wrath of these poor leadership systems which result into lack of sense of direction for development and transformation. In response to the lack of leadership in vulnerable communities that are suffering from poverty, corruption, and illiteracy, HopeChest has developed The Uganda Leadership Development Program. This transformational program is designed to serve and train young adults (ages 15-30) and community leaders from across areas where HopeChest works. Our Uganda Field Staff identifies individuals within our CarePoints and communities that we serve who demonstrate strong leadership skills, and also have the desire to serve others and give back to their community to create change.

Promoting strong leadership

The Uganda Leadership Development Program starts with two years of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Vocational training and a three month field placement at a HopeChest CarePoint. Additional service opportunities beyond the training center include community service, work camps, and relationship building to provide for practical community engagement.

The overall goal of the program is to equip and empower individuals with skills and practices that can enable them become transformative and service-oriented leaders within their communities.