Ansley Mayson

Ansley Mayson lives in Athens, Georgia where she attends the University of Georgia. There, she’s pursuing a career in Advertising and Public Relations. She’s passionate about stories. Her favorite come from her Children’s HopeChest Connect Community in Adacar, Uganda. She visited for the first time six years ago and – because of her three sponsored children – has been back every year since.

A Day in the Life of the HopeChest Uganda Staff

I may be a little biased towards Children’s HopeChest in Uganda, but these people get the message and purpose of Children’s HopeChest. They’re not simply maintaining the HopeChest model, they’re going above and beyond to develop and create new sustainable programs that will make an impact in these communities for a lifetime.

We Hold On to Hope

Hope is why we, as God’s people, serve. It’s why we, at Children’s HopeChest, go. Not to meet physical needs and leave, never to return again. We go to build relationship.