Upcoming Racial Equality Podcast Episode

Children’s HopeChest cares deeply about treating every human with dignity, as they are made in the image of God. Over the past couple months, there have been internal conversations about justice.  We at HopeChest want to share what some of these conversations have been like.

We invite you to listen to an upcoming episode (being published July 14th) of “Build Relationships. Break Poverty.” in which HopeChest CEO and President, Ken Sparks; Vice President of Community Partnerships, Rachel Andrews; and Country Director of Ethiopia, Mickey Gutema, will talk about how HopeChest’s core values support equality. 

In next week’s episode, you will hear Ken speak about how any person treated with less dignity than another is “a violation of the code of justice God has, relative to how we are supposed to operate.” Rachel and Ken will also discuss how learning and humility are integral to the fabric of HopeChest’s model. HopeChest is committed to walking alongside others and learning from them to support their empowerment. 

Mickey will share insight into HopeChest’s conversations about how to support racial equality as a respected leader in Ethiopia, which has dealt with serious ethnic conflict over the years. Hear him describe how selflessness and intention are two keys to working toward peace and equality.

HopeChest is on a path of continuous learning. We would love for you to join us in listening to just one of our conversations that will be one marker of many as we move forward in working out of our core values.


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