Five Recently Funded Projects That are Transforming Communities

Children’s HopeChest’s model hinges on transformative partnerships! Within these partnerships, the North American partner walks alongside local leaders at their CarePoint overseas to support them in achieving the vision for their community. These community goals are accomplished through a succession of development plans which include projects for the partners to work on together that support their community’s development.

We’re celebrating five recently funded projects around the world that are transforming communities! These incredible projects wouldn’t be possible without strong partnership support.


Vladimir CarePoint | Russia

The Jobs for Life program at Vladimir CarePoint equips orphanage graduates with job skills that prepare them for the workplace. The program is a six-month course including group sessions, field trips, and individualized career plans. Jobs for Life helps orphanage graduates connect with potential employers in the community, while also building character through teaching professional and spiritual values.


Abenezer CarePoint | Ethiopia

One half of the photo is New Community Church members painting the mural. The other half of the photo is local community members painting the mural.
New Community Church members and local community members working on the CarePoint school’s mural

In 2016 Abenezer’s Children Home created a proposal for a water project to be constructed at the CarePoint. As the U.S. partner, New Community Church, were completing fundraising for the project at the end of 2018, the local government required that the project be a school block. Though this is very unusual, and we strive to maintain consistency with CarePoint project priorities and proposals given to partners, the local government refused to allow the project to move forward if it wasn’t a school. 

Eventually, we came to understand that this was a non-negotiable, and relayed the information to the partners who had promoted a water project within their community for over two years. Upon receiving the information they were gracious, understanding, and eager to support the construction of the school. In July 2019 a team from New Community Church visited Abenezer’s where they were able to see the newly constructed school block. Alongside local leaders and artists in Addis Ababa, New Community team members helped to create a beautiful, educational mural to put the final touches on the building. Though this project took a very non-traditional route to completion, the community will benefit immensely by being the first kindergarten in the area that will educate and equip students with essential knowledge and life-skills! 


Ngariam CarePoint | Uganda

Two young Ugandan women in caps and gowns waiting to graduate
Ngariam CarePoint graduates at the community ceremony

With the support of Westmoore Community Church, 85 youth from Ngariam CarePoint graduated from their vocational training and received startup tools! Some of the vocational trainings include tailoring, auto mechanics, education, nursing, construction, electrical engineering, and hairdressing. During graduation, the community throws a party to celebrate the hard work of the graduates, and to present the graduates with startup tools. The startup tools allow them to begin work right away! The impact of this project empowers individuals’ to become more financially independent, inspires younger children who see the graduates succeeding in their studies, and contributes to the community’s local economy!


Timbutini Well of Hope CarePoint | Eswatini

Lots of children climbing on new playground equipment
Timbutini CarePoint’s new, exciting playground

La Croix Church’s funding of a new playground at Timbutini Well of Hope CarePoint has boosted the morale of the entire community! At the grand opening of the playground, the atmosphere was electric and kids were overjoyed with excitement. At CarePoints, children are able to play within a safe environment, while having their critical needs met by CarePoint programming.

One of the cooks, Khanyisile, said the community is so thankful for this investment in their childrens’ lives.


El Reparo CarePoint | Guatemala

A mother smiles down at her young girl
A mother and her daughter at the El Reparo CarePoint launch

El Reparo is a newly partnered CarePoint, and it is wonderful that its partners, Church of the Crossroads and Journey Church, have already fully funded a kitchen project! 

The kitchen project will help ensure that children at the CarePoint will receive nutritious meals (initially two times per week) as a way to fortify their diet and improve their learning/performance level at school. The total number of children who will benefit from this project is 150. 

Cases of malnutrition and stunting are not uncommon among children in the community. The main reason for this is the work situation of the parents at the community. Usually children eat one to two times a day, but not very nutritious meals. According to a census in 2015, the chronic malnutrition rate in the Village of El Reparo is 16.5 %, and the third leading cause of death in the Municipality of La Nueva Concepcion, Escuintla. We are excited about the nutritional impact that the kitchen project will have for this community’s children!


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