A Day in the Life of 3 Uganda CarePoint Project Coordinators | Part Two

We hope that you enjoyed part one of our “a day in the life” multi-episode series which we began sharing last month!

This week we are releasing part two of Rachel Andrews’ (VP of Community Partnerships) interview with three CarePoint Project Coordinators. Combined, Ezra, Stella, and Philip have 15 years of experience leading communities in Uganda. While Rachel was visiting Uganda this winter, she sat down with these three remarkable leaders and led a conversation about some exciting topics!

Philip (left), Stella (center), and Ezra (right)


Learn from leaders who are living in the communities we partner with about their perspective on how HopeChest is different from other nonprofit organizations in Uganda. Ezra, Stella, and Philip also share stories from their work at HopeChest that have impacted their lives and one thing they each want YOU to know about their daily work at CarePoints.

“What Children’s HopeChest is doing is transforming many lives of people in the communities… I just want to share our experience that what our friends from the U.S. might not know is that God has brought them at the right time.” Philip


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Sitting in the interviewer’s seat is Rachel Andrews, who has been working with HopeChest for 19 years. As VP of Community Partnerships, Rachel leads the team responsible for managing all aspects of community partnerships, both locally and internationally. She also travels frequently to our overseas offices and CarePoints around the globe for ongoing relationship building.



Circular photo of Ezra smiling


Ezra has been working with Children’s HopeChest for five years, and is the CarePoint Project Coordinator for Kakira CarePoint. Kakira CarePoint, is located in the Jinja District in the Southwestern part of the Eastern region of Uganda along the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Kakira experiences favorable climate, and the soils are suitable for the growing of various crops. This community is especially impacted by the sugar industry. 

Circular photo of Stella smiling


Stella has been working with Children’s HopeChest for three years, and is the CarePoint Project Coordinator for Adacar CarePoint. Adacar CarePoint is located in the Katakwi District in the Teso region of Northeastern Uganda.  Over the past 50 years, the Adacar community has suffered massive displacement due to the Karamojong people group (neighboring nomadic herdsman), causing death and suffering. Further displacement was caused by the June 2003 attack of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), which disrupted the people of Adacar’s economic livelihoods.

Circular photo of Philip smiling


Philip has been working with Children’s HopeChest for seven years, and is the Project Coordinator for Kaberamaido CarePoint. Kaberamaido CarePoint is located in Eastern Uganda. It is a semi-urban area that has the availability of clean water, but harsh weather makes it hard to meet the nutritional needs of the community. Because of the large swamp area surrounding the district, there is also a high risk of malaria. Mechanic school, carpentry and tailoring are a few of the vocational courses offered for the older youth.



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